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by Wishes Diva

When visiting Walt Disney World, having knowledge of the FastPass+ system can make or break your trip. Having these place holders for long queue lines can save you hours of time, and a lot of stress!

Each park has various attractions that you can choose from when reserving Fast Passes, and some parks even feature multiple groups of attractions to sort through. Some of these attractions are definitely worth reserving a Fast Pass for, while others you can skip the Fast Pass as long as you time it right! In this article you will find helpful hints and tips for maneuvering the FastPass+ system.

First of all you need to be sure that you know how to reserve your Fast Passes. After you get your park tickets, the quickest and easiest way to reserve your Fast Passes is to use the My Disney Experience app. If you are unsure how to set this up, lucky for you we have an article to help with that! Check out Pixie Dusted Diva’s article here for more help.

For this diva’s guide to Fast Passes, check the lists below for each park!

Magic Kingdom: This park has nearly 30 attractions, shows and character interactions that you can choose from for your FastPass+ experience. The attractions I tend to choose for myself are: Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Space Mountain. I will also consider some of the character meet and greets as well. In my opinion the other attractions will not need Fast Passes. Now keep in mind, in order to still hit these other attractions, you will need to do your homework. Check out our other articles about planning for Magic Kingdom to help you out!

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Animal Kingdom: This park has the smallest list of attractions and shows to choose from for Fast Passes. My list of must-haves for this park are Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris and Festival of the Lion King. The other attractions should have much shorter wait times, especially if you go to Animal Kingdom in the morning, which I highly suggest because the animals are more likely to be out and about at this time.


Epcot: This park has two levels of attractions and shows to choose from. In the first level, I would choose either Soarin’ or Test Track. Unfortunately you do not have the option of doing both. (Bonus tip: If you want to do both, plan the Fast Pass for about 10:30 or 11:00am if you are going to be there at park open. As soon as you enter, head to the attraction you don’t have a Fast Pass for and ride it first. This will hopefully cut down on the wait time!) As far as the second level of attractions, I would choose from the bottom of the list as you view it on the app. This decision will be heavily dependent on what you and your party are interested in. When I go, I usually select Spaceship Earth and the Seas with Nemo and Friends or the Character Spot. However, if your party is interested, Mission: SPACE is also a good idea.

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Hollywood Studios: This park also has two levels to choose from. In the first level, I would suggest Rock’n’Rollercoaster. The second level I would choose Tower of Terror and the Frozen Sing-Along or Star Tours. (Bonus tip: Plan your Rock’n’Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror Fast Passes for first thing when you get to the park. This will save you walking time because you won’t need to venture back over to Sunset Boulevard again until Fantasmic! later in the evening.)

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This list is what I have found to be most useful. However keep in mind that your party may need something complete different. Just be sure to do your homework. Read up on how busy the parks will be during your visit and be sure to check out some wait times on the app during similar times of year to see what is the longest queue.

And as always be sure to browse our site for a variety of different articles that will help you in your research. Happy planning!