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Hello, hello, hello! I’m Marvel Diva. I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, spent nearly 4 years living in Orlando, Florida as a Walt Disney World cast member, and am currently working in the digital marketing industry in Southwest Ohio. My parents still live in Cleveland, but I live in the moment. I chose Marvel Diva as my moniker because I love how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has started to co-exist with the Disney universe! My first trip to Disney World was when I was 7 and I was fortunate enough to travel back with my high school band to march down Main Street. This inspired me to find my way down to Florida on the Disney College Program where I worked in the now closed, Innoventions building. I eventually transferred to the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios where I had the time of my life as a Tour Guide taking guests through classic movie scenes. It seems unfortunate that both of my locations are now closed, but it only fuels my deep nostalgia for classic Disney! I can’t seem to let the tour guide thing go as it’s my favorite part of visiting any Disney park – to spiel to any friends or family that I’m visiting with about my favorite Disney trivia. Writer Wednesday - Marvel Diva

One of my favorite things to do whenever I visit a park is to talk to the streetmosphere characters that inhabit it! My favorite thing to do is talk to the Citizens of Hollywood about their day – in fact, I once got the Mayor, Sonny Burbank, to promise that he’d open a Chinese food stand inside of the ticket window in the Great Movie Ride courtyard since the building is based on

Dapper DansGrauman’s Chinese Theater. More opportunities for people to get food – and a selling point to get him re-elected as Mayor! I’ve had countless good memories watching the Citizens and the Dapper Dans in Magic Kingdom.These small, but magical moments keep me coming back and even visiting other Disney parks, like Disneyland in California, Disneyland Paris, and I’m even planning a trip to Tokyo Disney!



I also love to dress up when I visit the parks – check out my tips for throwing together a Dapper Day look. My best days always come down to how my friends and family and I make use of the small moments between rides and shows – I even wrote about

marvel diva on dapper dayideas for enjoying your time waiting in line. I love that when I’m at Disney it’s so easy to make magic in the in-between moments – something I have a much harder time replicating in line at the grocery store.

Another wonderful part of the Disney experience is that you don’t have to be in the park to feel the magic – every time I watch a new Disney movie (or a Marvel one!), I get to relive a little bit of those pixie-dusted feelings. Plus there are so many ways to have fun on Disney property outside of the parks. I get so excited when I can find a new and different way to share my enthusiasm and passion for all things Disney and that’s why I enjoy writing for the blog so much!