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by Beauty and the Beast Diva

yak 1Have you been to Animal Kingdom and had Yak and Yeti?!  It is by far my FAVORITE quick service AND table service in the park.  Yup, it’s a quick service AND a table service.  Don’t miss it, here’s the scoop.

Yak and Yeti QUICK SERVICE:  This is located to the RIGHT of the actual restaurant.  There is a seating area, providing you with a ton of shade.  This is not your average Chinese take- out.  This is so much better.  First off, the portions are HUGE- if you’re looking to share a meal, this is the place to do it.  You will definitely be able to share.  Everything is good, I’ve tried it ALL.  My favorite is the honey chicken or the Korean stir- fry  Barbecue Chicken, the delicious egg rolls, as well as the pineapple coconut cake (YUM!), and of course the Frozen Lemonade cup is always refreshing.

Have a quick lunch at the Yak & Yeti Counter Service in Animal Kingdom.

Have a quick lunch at the Yak & Yeti Counter Service in Animal Kingdom.

Now if you want the full experience, the sit-down, table service location is awesome.  First off, besides the restaurant being HUGE and seating a ton of people, it is absolutely gorgeous to look at! Despite looking like it’s a large purple “run down” building, once you enter, you see the backstory (as any good Disney attraction has). Basically, it is the story of a once wealthy but now struggling merchant who has turned his once huge home into a hotel and restaurant and he has put out his amazing collection of statues and art for you to view.  It continues to play off of the Expedition Everest theme, think tired travelers in a small Asian village.  You will also be able to check out some seriously cool artifacts and architecture.  There are grand gold statues, chairs fit for kings or YOU, and a really cool eclectic selection of seating areas- each one is unique! Also, don’t miss out the really cool, laid back bar.  They offer an extremely extensive drink menu and you can order full meals at the bar assuming there is seating available.  Take note of where you check in, there are suitcases waiting to be taken to rooms, and room keys waiting for guests, like you!yak 2

Your taste buds will be thrilled with all of the exciting tastes that are about to hit them with the Asian Fusion styled menu.  They offer tastes of China, Japan, Thailand, and India, giving you options like lettuce cups, curry, lo mein, soups, salads, teas, and lots of exciting drink options.yak 3

I cannot stress to you enough that I’ve never had anything I didn’t like there and as for their counter service, counterpart the portions continue to be HUGE and are so satisfying.  Some personal favorites of mine include lo mein (any style), Sweet and Sour Chicken and the Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp served over jasmine rice with veggies.  Actually, the first time I ate there the group I was with passed our plates to the right after a few bites because everything was just SO GOOD.  When it came to dessert we were all so torn as to what to order that we left it up to the waiter.  He brought us mango pie.  MANGO PIE IS AMAZING.yak 4

The restaurant is basically an attraction itself.  It is not only a super cool site to behold but the food is amazing too, a far cry from the burgers and chicken fingers you often find yourself eating!  Don’t miss it!