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By D’land Diva
What you have heard about Southern California is true. We have AWESOME weather. For the most part, it is sunny and pretty comfortable most of the year.
That being said, we also have some downright interesting weather. It can be cold, especially in the evening time. It can be super hot, sometimes over 100 degrees, and not just in the summer. Then, there are the Santa Ana Winds and fire season…yes, you do have to consider the fire season, as it affects the air quality and over the past few years we have had more than a few significant fires that caused terrible air quality in and around Disneyland.
Diva Tip: Always check the weather before your trip! Please do not pack your flip flops and tank tops assuming that the weather will be perfect because it is Southern California.
Alas, the weather is not the only thing you must consider when packing your Disneyland backpack. You are also going to a theme park and that requires some special packing consideration. Disney Diva has written some great articles on packing for your WDW trip here. Some of these same items will be on the packing list for Disneyland as well. You may also wish to add to this list depending on your specific needs.
Disneyland Backpack List:
1) A sweater. Yup. Even in the summertime it can cool off in the evenings. Check the weather before you go to see if you will need pants or shorts. I always like to bring a pair of lightweight pants with me if I am wearing shorts.
2) Athletic shoes. I know, it’s sunny and you want to show off your pedicure. The truth is, your feet will be run over by stroller wheels at least once on your trip. It hurts, trust me. I am a flip flop person by nature. Every time I wear my flip flops to Disneyland there is someone who steps on my toes, runs over the back of my ankle with a stroller or something like that.
3) Sunblock and a hat. As I am writing this I have a lovely sunburn on my shoulders and arms, as well as the part of my hair on my scalp from my four hour trip to Disneyland the other day. Enough said.
4) Digital camera. Sure there are Disney photographers and a great photo pass system. But, sometimes the best pictures are the random, spontaneous ones.
5) Snacks and a water bottle. This is especially important if you have kids with particular tastes. No one wants to deal with a grumpy kid and search for goldfish crackers at the same time. The water bottle is great because it can be refilled and you don’t have to search for a drinking fountain. A Diva Tip: the Baby Care Center on Main Street has a COLD water drinking fountain as does the First Aid Center, which is next door to it.
6) Eyeglass case and eyeglass wipe. If you wear glasses or sunglasses, there will be rides you will want or need to remove your glasses for. It is nice to have them in a safe place while on the ride. The eyeglass cleaner is especially useful for those rides like Pirates of the Caribbean where you may get an annoying spot or two of water on your glasses.
7) Medicines. I like to have at least one of my usual medicines with me at all times. You will want to pack the bottle in your suitcase, but you may only want to bring one or two pills into the park with you. If you are prone to motion sickness, you will want to pack Bonine or Dramamine, which is terribly expensive in the park. As someone with Lactose Intolerance, I am sure to pack Lactaid with me whenever I go.
8) IPhone/IPod Touch/iPad/other Smartphone. The apps are priceless. Not only can you get wait times for the rides, but you can keep in touch with all your family members and keep the kids occupied with a game or two of Angry Birds while you are waiting in line.
9) Hand Sanitizer and wipes. My three year old just touched that? And so did every other booger eater in the park. Ewwww…
10) Cash. Many of the carts that sell ice cream and popcorn and drinks will accept your cards, but some do not. It is best to be prepared for hunger emergencies and/or cravings.
Have fun!