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By Pink Diva

Ok, so maybe you are a little special.  After all, you are going to Disney.  But so is everyone else.  I’m writing this article because of a few incidents we had when we were at the Magic Kingdom for Independence Day.  We had people push us and our kids out-of-the-way, touch our strollers and drip all over my little guy.  Not cool, people.

I’m here to tell it to you straight up.  I love Disney.  I’m an annual passholder and will continue to go and enjoy myself.  But not at the expense of others.  Here are a few things to prepare you for your vacation of a lifetime.

You’re not special.  There, I said it.  It’s a hard truth, but important.  I know on the commercial you see families walking down Main Street with Mickey and Minnie, little girls dancing with Princesses on the castle steps, getting to be in the parade.  I’m here to tell you that those are actors for the purpose to get you to come to Disney.  Rarely (if ever) will you see this.  Yes, you can meet the characters and have fun, but don’t expect to do it in the middle of the park.


Celebrating at Disney is so popular there are Cast Members handing out buttons on Main Street when it get busy.

You are not the only one celebrating. So many people are celebrating something that thinking you are the only one can lead to disappointment.  They have buttons for just this reason.  It’s fun-embrace it.  You may get Mickey to give you a special discount or have an extra dessert, but expecting these things is not what celebrating is all about.


The early bird really does get the worm.  Or at least, the best seats.  If you really want to see something make sure you get there early enough to get good seats.  The parades are popular and front row seats fill up fast.  Don’t expect people to let you or your kids have their seats.

AK MM Greet 12

You may not see the Characters strolling down Main Street, but you can see them at their Meet and Greet Spots!

We all paid good money for this experience.  I don’t care how much money you have, what you spent, or if you have kids or not we all spent money to take this trip.  My husband and I were lucky enough to go several times before we had kids and wouldn’t give up our spots to families.  Why should we?  We wanted to see it as well.  I’m all for sharing and if possible letting little ones gets the best view, but it’s my vacation as well.  Don’t get upset when an adult won’t give up anything for your precious child.

It will rain.  It’s Florida and more than likely rain at some point during your vacation.  Disney has magic, but not enough to keep storm clouds away.  Plan for it and it won’t ruin your experience.


After the storm comes the magic


Plan on rain and it won’t ruin your vacation










There will be lines and crowds.  Disney is popular.  Yes, some times of the year are less crowded, but you will still have to wait.  Relax and enjoy the time with your party.  Check out your surroundings and get to know the people around you.

There will be people around you.  The more people who are in the parks the closer they get to you.  Give people some space.  We are all going in the same direction.  I know getting to a reservation or FastPass+ is important, but don’t be rude to the people around you by running them over or getting so close you can touch.

Things will be down.  Rides need to be refurbished.  Characters will not come out in the rain.  I once missed my favorite ride (It’s a Small World) for three trips due to it being down.  It happens.  Just know they are working to make the experience better for the next time you come.


You may not have the best seats, but you can still enjoy the parades!

Things happen.  But if you stay positive and have a good attitude it makes the unpleasant a little more magical.  You are special because of who you are-not because you are at Disney.