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Enjoying a Solo Trip to Disney

By Sleepy Diva


This past year I went through a lot of things personally and I needed a little get away, so where else would I want to go besides my home away from home: Disney! I decided I was doing this trip solo; I needed some time away with just myself. While discussing my upcoming trip, many people commented that they wouldn’t be able to take a trip by themselves, that they would be so bored with no one to talk to and that it wouldn’t be as fun. As an introvert, I have always been someone who enjoys time alone so this was not  a concern for me. Not only was I excited just to go to Disney, I would be visiting during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (read Soarin’ Diva’s review here) and Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival (read Passholder Diva’s tips for the Festival here), two things that had been on my Disney bucket list. If you have ever considered taking a trip on your own, here are a few tips.


Meeting Lotso at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Talk To People Around You. If you are someone who craves conversation, strike up a conversation with people while you are waiting in line. There are people in the parks from all over the world, it’s fun to see where people have traveled from and find out why they are there or what they are celebrating. While waiting for the HalloWishes Fireworks, I sat next to a group of girls who all ended up living close to where I live. They thought it was awesome that I had come to Disney by myself and didn’t bring my kids.

Even on trips when I’m not alone, I like to listen to the people around me, listen to their accents and try to figure out what language they are speaking. While in line to meet Lotso at the Halloween Party, there was a family in front of me from France. I enjoyed listening to their banter back and forth and trying to see how much of their French I could understand.


Meeting GoofyTake The Pictures/Meet the Characters. Don’t be afraid to look silly taking pictures by yourself. I stopped at many of the PhotoPass locations to have my picture taken. I still wanted my picture in front of the castle and anywhere else I could get them. Remember, if you don’t have the Memory Maker, or don’t plan on purchasing their photos, you can ask them to use your phone or camera to take a picture for you as well.

Don’t be afraid to stop and meet the characters either, though this tip goes for any kind of trip. Whether or not you have kids with you,  meeting the characters is one of the awesome parts of Disney. I don’t care how old I am, they do such a good job of making you believe that you are talking to or interacting with the actual character.



Do What You Want To Do. This is the biggest one. When you take a trip by yourself, you don’t have to worry about anyone but you. If you want to get up super early and rope drop Flight of Passage, do it! If you want to stay out late until the park closes, do it! You are not on anyone else’s schedule, you don’t have to coordinate and fit in what everyone else wants to do. This is the best part of going solo. I accomplished so much more than I ever do with other people. When I was ready to go, off I went. When I got tired, I rested. There was a lot of stuff I did on this trip that I had never done before.

Dug & RussellWhile walking through Animal Kingdom, I had finished all the rides and passed the Up! A Great Bird Adventure show (read Disney Magic Diva’s review here). It was a show I had never taken the time for and I wanted to sit for a bit, so I found a place and relaxed while learning about some of the magnificent birds. Afterwards, it was time for me to head to Epcot, but on the way out I passed meet and greets for Pocahontas and Dug & Russell; I hadn’t ever met them, so I stopped. The meet with Dug & Russell ended up being the highlight of my trip. I was wearing a Cinderella themed shirt and Russell danced around the meet and greet location with me. Ample Hills Creamery (read Disney Magic Diva’s review here) was something I had wanted to try, so I took a Friendship Boat from Epcot to Hollywood Studios and made a pitstop at the Boardwalk to try their yummy ice cream (the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake flavor is delicious). On my last day, I had some extra time before needing to head back to the hotel for the Magical Express. Wait times to meet several characters were really low, so I stopped. On the way out,  I grabbed a Peter Pan Float and hopped on the bus. I think the best plan for a solo trip is to go in with a loose idea of what all you want to do and then just see where the trip takes you. Most of the stuff I did on this trip I didn’t plan for, and I had an amazing time.

Food & Wine Festival

Marked this Festival off my bucket list

A solo trip may not be right for everyone, but it can be an amazing experience if you don’t mind spending some time alone. My trip was only for a few days, which I found to be perfect; I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed a longer trip by myself quite as much. Go in with an open mind, and an open plan, and just enjoy the Disney magic.

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Hi, I'm Sleepy Diva! My love for Disney started at an early age and I am passing that on to my two kiddos. I am most happy when I am at Disney World. I love talking to people about all things Disney and doing crafts for my upcoming trips. Incase you couldn't tell by my name, I will never turn down a good nap!