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Disney World March 11 078

If you were to stroll out of the International Gateway, just between the UK and the bridge to France in Epcot’s World Showcase, it would take you towards The Yacht, Beach Club, and Boardwalk Resorts at Walt Disney World.

And if you kept walking through the gateway, under the giant, awesome Pirates Ship slide you would find tucked away on the other side of the Beach Club’s swimming pool Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, home of the famous to frequent Disney visitors, unknown toimage first-time guests, The Kitchen Sink Sundae! Because its at a resort no theme-park admission is required to enjoy it!

The Kitchen Sink includes everything AND the kitchen sink as you can see the bowl is designed with a faucet.  Cost is $23.99. It says it can serve 4 but, as you’ll see below, I believe that is assuming the four are some seriously big-time ice cream eaters!

Disney World March 11 079Throngs ice cream, brownies, and every kind of candy you can imagine are then dumped inside the sink and delivered with fanfare! When someone orders a kitchen sink, as its being delivered the lights and sirens swirl making the delivery extra special.

As you can see in the picture below. Its bigger than my 9 year old sons HEAD!Disney World March 11 080

We gave it our best shot…. we really did. We had even skipped lunch in order to enjoy this monstrosity, and this was as far as we got before we all had to throw in the towel.

Disney World March 11 083


So on your next Walt Disney World trip, when you’re craving something sweet and you’re in the Epcot area, head to Beaches and Cream for a Sundae you’re sure to never forget!