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imageOne of the big things people panic about on their Disney World Vacation is what happens if they lose one of their tickets. This is a very real possibility considering how many times you get the tickets out in order to get fast-0passes, etc.

If you don’t have a “key to the world” this could be big drama for you, especially if you don’t bring the credit card you bought the tickets with WITH YOU. B

Easy fix. When you get your tickets just take a picture of the backs of them (the part with the information, not the Disney characters, lol) with your cell phone or with your regular camera (if you’re not changing photo cards frequently). This way if you do lose those tickets you can just bring your cell phone to guest services and they can re-issue your tickets. Once less thing to worry about on your trip!!

On the 1st day of Christmas the Diva gave to me….. a tip to keep your tickets safe!