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Author: Disney Diva

When you go to Walt Disney World your IMG_1377tickets are like GOLD. They not only get you into the park, they also get you FAST PASSES!

They’re also extremely easy to lose or forget!

So one of my top tips for you is to TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR PARK TICKETS AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM.

This allows the cast members in guest services to easily reprint any tickets that have been lost, forgotten at home, or demagnetized (which happens frequently).

This past trip my friends and I stayed off property and had about a 20 minute drive to and from the rental house to the parks. (Ps. This is about the same amount of time you sit on a bus going from a value resort to Magic Kingdom, so that’s not uncommon).

One busy morning we were driving to the park and I reached in my lanyard to get out my Annual Pass so I could park for free and I realized my tickets were at the house! AGH! I had a minor freak-out and almost turned around until my friend reminded me of a tip I had told her myself and asked if I had photos of the tickets.

Since I honestly have never lost a ticket and this was my first time forgetting them at home, I hadn’t even thought about it! However, she reminded me that I could go to Guest Services and they could reprint them!

SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS! (see, even the Diva makes mistakes and loses her head every now and again).

The number that Guest Services is looking for is on the far right of your ticket and begins with a “W” (the one in the photo has expired so no biggie that I’m using it as an example).

This is a little easier if you have a “key to the world” while staying on property, but for those of you with paper tickets this it a tip you cannot forget!