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10513451_10152243106636270_5766593577854864023_nby Eugene’s Diva

Time and time again my friends ask me “Aren’t Disney Parks expensive? How can you afford that?” My response is always, “because I can budget myself out. I know how much hotels are, tickets, souvenirs and even food.” This got me thinking, what if I took the challenge Rachel Ray once used for a TV show and $40 a day in a Disney park. That’s when the bright light went off! I went and searched through all the different restaurants, and looked at the menus and found a couple ideas of how I could spend $40 a day on meals.

First. I will only choose from Quick Service restaurants, because while you could do a sit down meal, it will probably be a bit more expensive. You could budget it out though, maybe that’ll be my next article!
Second. I will be budgeting out for a breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.
Third. I will budget out for drinks.
Fourth. I will not add in tax, just the menu pricing.

I have 5 different kind’s of meals in different restaurants, including one vegetarian one.

Meal #1.
Breakfast at Starring Rolls Cafe. Assorted Bagel and Cream Cheese for $2.99 and Coffee $2.29.
Lunch at Anaheim Produce. Mickey Pretzel is $4.49 and carrots $2.19.
Snack at Oasis Canteen. Funnel Cake for $5.99. (Diva Tip: This is quite large and could be split if someone isn’t as hungry… It was the size of an entire plate)
Dinner at Studio Catering Company. Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich for $10.49 and a large Fountain Beverage for $3.29.
In Total: $31.80
Reminder: This does not include tax or tip

Meal #2
Breakfast at Starring Rolls Cafe. Cinnamon Bun for $3.19 and Hot Tea for $2.29. (Diva Tip: Hollywood Studios doesn’t have a lot of options for breakfast. It’s mostly between Starring Rolls and Starbucks. If kids want a Mickey Waffle, eat at your resort or make a breakfast reservation.)
Lunch at Pizza Planet. Pepperoni Pizza for $9.69 accompanied by a Soda $3.
Snack- Mickey Ice Cream $4. These can be found all over the park in different carts. The one I remember is on Sunset Boulevard right next to the Fantasmic opening.
Dinner at ABC Commissary. Roasted Salmon for $12.49. This will come with sides.
In total: $34.70

Meal #3
Breakfast is for my Starbucks lovers, like me. (Diva Tip: You could just get a snack from Starbucks but I prefer to taste the food of the park, and not just get the same Starbucks thing). Chocolate Croissant from Starring Rolls $2.99. Any Starbucks drink, I am averaging about $5 for this, but it could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your drink of choice.
Lunch at Min and Bills Dockside Diner. The Frankfurter in a Pretzel Roll is $8.59.
Snack at Anaheim Produce. Pickle for $1.59.
Dinner at ABC Commissary. New York Strip Steak for $11.99.
In Total: $30.20

Meal #4: The Healthy Meal
Breakfast at Anaheim Produce. Assorted Whole Fruit $1.69 and Yogurt $2.19
Lunch at ABC Commissary. Couscous Quinoa & Arugula Salad for $7.29
Snack again from Anaheim Produce. Pickle for $1.59. You can find pickles in random carts throughout the park, but I know they are at Anaheim Produce.
Dinner at Rosie’s All American Cafe. Vegetarian Black Bean Burger for $8.99 and to drink Beso Del Sol Sangria $6.95.
In Total: $28.80

Meal #5: Eugene’s Diva’s Favorite
Breakfast from Starbucks. $5. I always get the same thing but I am just averaging $5 for the sake of the readers.
Lunch at ABC Commissary. Seafood Platter $9.99 and the Seasonal Cupcake $4.99.
Snack: Mickey Ice Cream $4. Again, this could be at any cart.
Dinner: Backlot Express.  Chicken Breast Nuggets(8 Piece) for $8.99
In Total: $33

11027929_10153024572214021_8915896834615149642_nOf course, I never know when prices are going to change, or how you will feel the day of. You aren’t hungry for a lunch, snack, AND dinner? Ok. Want to throw in a sit down meal somewhere? Of course!

Diva Tip: I always recommend looking at the restaurant menus before going to the park. This way you know what kind of food is where. Don’t like Pizza? Don’t go to Pizza Planet. One kid likes chicken, dad likes steak, and you’re vegetarian? Sounds like ABC Commissary would be a perfect place for you.

So are you going to take the $40 challenge? We’d love to hear about your experience with the Hollywood Studio’s, and how you ate through the park.