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By The Toy Story Fanatic Devo

Disney content is neat on YouTube and since we all seem to have a lot of free time suddenly, I thought I’d share with you some of the better Disney YouTubers out there that you could subscribe to right now. Note: These are Toy Story Fanatic Devo’s personal opinion of YouTUbe channels to follow. 

1- Tips from the Disney Diva: all your tips ON LOCATION!

5 Disney youTubers You Should Subscribe to

Our channel has a bunch of helpful tips and tricks on-location at your favorite Disney parks. The on-location bit? Yeah. That’s cool.

Yeah! We have a YouTube channel! And it’s pretty good! Usually, when we find a tip in the moment at a Disney park we’ll make a video and put it on the channel. This results in a great library of quick travel tips at various Disney parks. The channel is mainly hosted by our fantastic Disney Magic Diva who goes on location to show you the tips you get on the site in action.

So if you need to add more travel tips to your arsenal (and who doesn’t), you should subscribe to us. Here, I’ll even provide a link.

2- Dave Lee Downunder: Subscribe to the Animation Historian

This Australian Disney fan built his channel on research into the visual evolution of cartoon characters. His “Explaining Disney” series gives a fascinating insight into the core Disney characters from their initial creation to their present-day look. He notes all the changes and the names and faces that made these characters who they are. Once he finished with the core Disney characters, Dave went on to investigate the voice acting changes.

Dave has since moved into giving other classic cartoon characters the same treatment. Lately, he’s been working his way through the Looney Tunes and independent characters like Tom and Jerry or Felix the Cat. But he also supplements it with reviews and rankings of Disney movies and series.

Once I wrote this, I suddenly realized that Australia would be a great place to put a Disney park but there isn’t one there. Now I’m going to be thinking about that all day.

3- Disney Dan: Costumes and more costumes

It’s a guy named Dan who likes Disney. His schtick is showing off the history of character costumes at Disney parks. It’s a fascinating subject that has caught my imagination more than once and it continues to be interesting to this day to see how Disney had to cut corners at the beginning and tried to make an accurate cartoon character for meet and greets. This is one of my favorite YouTube channels because he does a lot to dispell rumors and stories that have grown a life of their own.

4- Defunctland: The one you definitely should subscribe to

This is probably the best channel on YouTube especially if you love History and Disney. The channel is run by Kevin Perjurer and his content is extremely in-depth, professional documentaries on even the most minute of Disney/ theme park lore.

5 Disney YouTubers You Should Subscribe to

Honestly, this is probably the best, highest-quality stuff I’ve seen on YouTube. You need to subscribe to this channel. You won’t be disappointed.

He’s done a documentary series on Jim Hansen (That should win all the awards), 40 minutes on the rise, fall, and rise again of Hong Kong Disney, 20 minutes on the first-ever amusement park and how it affected Walt’s thinking, and a full voice acted, musically composed 40 minutes solely about the Snow White production after party! I swear I get 10% smarter after watching his content.

And if that history isn’t enough, Defunctland was built on investigating park attractions at Disney that no longer exist. Ever wonder what Disneyland was like on its opening day? This channel will give you a pretty good idea. After that topic was inevitably exhausted, he started talking about the history and creation of attractions currently in use like Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters or Splash Mountain. And the host is currently working on a VR experience “Defunctland” where he’s bringing all the rides back to be experienced in VR.

Best content ever. If that sounds interesting to you then you definitely should subscribe to Defunctland.

5- Super Carlin Brothers: Fans for Fans

5 Disney YouTubers you should subscribe to

The Super Carlin Brothers have refaced the entire Pixar fandom. If you want to see what the buzz (lightyear) is, check them out!

I put these guys here because they talk a lot about Pixar and it’s not common to find a lot of content creators talk almost solely about Pixar.

These are the people who made the “Pixar Theory” so famous. They have doors open to them that explain deep fan lore and deep fan questions about Pixar movies including interviews with members of the brain trust themselves! I’m only super jealous.

I can’t deny that they’re fun to watch and their videos are very well written. If you like Disney for the fandom aspect, as I do, then you’ll find enjoyment out of the Super Carlin Brothers brandishing their enjoyment of all things Pixar.

When not about Pixar, there is occasionally Pokemon and Harry Potter content, but Pixar is definitely their most popular topic and is discussed the most. If you like Pixar and possible lore behind their movies, you should subscribe to these guys.

If you’re bored, there are 5 YouTubers you should subscribe to. You’ll learn lots about history and stay in touch with the fandom with these as well as get a lot of good travel tips. So who are your favorite YouTubers? Go ahead and put them in the comments below and remember to keep wishing on stars.

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