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By Dopey Diva



I know nobody wants to think about rain while on their Disney vacation but lets face it…it  can, and probably will, happen at some point during your trip. My first trip was on my honeymoon in July (crazy time to go to Disney World by the way). We had a couple pop up showers that didn’t last very long so rain was not a problem on that trip. Then 2 years later we went in September. Although that is considered hurricane season I feel September is one of the best months to visit Disney World. The crowds are lower, it is still quite warm but nothing like the summer months. The only downfall is you may experience more rain that month.  Our first September trip was perfect…no rain at all. The next year was pretty great as well. We had rain the evening of our first day there but that didn’t stop us from having fun. One huge mistake I made was not having a cover over the stroller. Everything I had left in the stroller was soaking wet, in fact the stroller was so wet my son couldn’t even ride in it.

HUGE TIP #1 :Bring something to cover your stroller just in case it rains!

Most stroller parking areas are not covered and if you happen to find one that is covered there is a chance your stroller will be moved by a cast member.

HUGE TIP #2: Bring ponchos…(you can get cheap ones at  a dollar store) one for everybody in your group.



So I had 4 lucky trips of little to no rain at Disney World, but my most recent trip was not that fortunate. Our first day at Hollywood Studios started out with beautiful weather, but by early afternoon a horrible down pour of rain started. In my opinion, Hollywood Studios is not one of the best parks to be in on a rainy day, especially with a younger child because they are not able to ride anything except Toy Story Mania.  Since we were already there, and had dinner reservations at the park so we decided to make the best of it. The rains started while we were in line for Disney Jr. Live on Stage. Luckily that is an indoor show, so once we got inside we knew we were out of the rain for at least 45 minutes.  When the show was over we realized the rain was NOT letting up. We made our way toward Toy Story Mania. We were able to find covered stroller parking so we parked the stroller and did something I would normally never do….got in line for Toy Story Mania while it had a 2 hour wait! The upside to Toy Story Mania is the line is inside….out of the rain! No I do not recommend waiting in line 2 hours for anything but at the time it seemed like the best thing to do. While we were waiting we made the best of our time with our My Magical Experience app on my phone. Since the rain had caused us to change our plans for the next couple of days we were able to change fast passes and even dining reservations all from my phone while we waited in line. After we made it through the ride we came out to see it was still raining. There was still some time before our dinner reservations so we thought we would do a character meet and greet with Mike and Sulley….only to find out they go inside when it is raining. Our dinner was at Sci Fi Dine-In so we headed on over that way and hung out inside until our table was ready. We had a very enjoyable meal and hoped the rain had stopped, but no such luck.  We did a little shopping but decided we were tired of being in the rain so we headed back to our resort early and ended up playing in the arcade at our hotel.

Whatever you do, don’t let the rain spoil YOUR next trip. Walt Disney World is fun even in the rain!