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Items to Buy Ahead for a Rainy Trip to Disney Parks

By Tinker Belle Diva

Anyone that has taken a trip to Florida knows that rain can happen, and maybe very likely to happen, on your Walt Disney World Resort trip. But rain can happen on your Disneyland trip too, so if you see rain in the forecast, here are my tips for what you can purchase ahead of time to be prepared for a rainy day at any of the Disney Parks.

Rainy Day at Disneyland
Our ponchos in use

Poncho – My preference is to bring a poncho instead of a raincoat, because I carry a backpack, which the poncho will cover to keep it dry, and most ponchos extend well towards my knees, which will also keep my legs dry. If the forecast is for multiple rainy days, I prefer a more robust poncho than the one that is sold in the parks or instead of a cheap disposable/emergency poncho. Granted, I have brought the disposable ones for using on water rides during non-rainy days, as they work fine for that and fold up small. But they also tear easily and if I need a poncho for several days, I don’t want one with a rip. We have purchased each of these three ponchos and found them all to make it through three rainy days in a row of full-usage without rips or tears. They are a poncho with a big front pocket that folds up into itself, a poncho with adjustable hood straps, and one with a full zipper in the front so it doesn’t have to go over your head. DIVA TIP – bring a cheap/disposable poncho with you to put down on attraction seats. Everyone else riding too and they are wet, so this will keep your bottom dry.

Rainy Day at Disneyland
I call them ponchos for my feet

Shoe Covers – I don’t know about you, but I just don’t function well with wet feet. On a cold, rainy day, I will be as cranky as a two-year-old if my feet are wet. Since I like to bring my most comfortable walking shoes on my Disney trips, I don’t want to wear my clunky waterproof hiking boots or blister inducing rain boots. Shoe covers need to not only be waterproof, but also slip-proof on a variety of surfaces as you tour through the parks. I found these shoe covers to be everything I needed. They lasted three days in a row without any tears and on all the surfaces at Disneyland without any slips or even feeling like I could slip. DIVA TIP – I wear a size 8 sneaker and purchased the size XL which is supposed to go up to size 9, but my sneaker fits just about the entire cover, so I would hesitate to order an XL for a size 9. I suggest ordering a size up if you are at the top of the size range and using a sneaker. A smaller shoe, like a size 9 dress shoe, would have been fine in an XL.

Stroller covers – If you are bringing a stroller for your littles, purchase a cover to keep them and the stroller nice and dry. This will keep your children from getting cranky themselves, and also give them a dry place to nap while you eat or have a little downtime. There are several choices out there and you’ll need to confirm what will fit your individual stroller. This universal cover is an Amazon best seller.

Rainy Day at Disneyland
Courteous use of an umbrella

Umbrella – An umbrella is certainly optional if you have already covered yourself with waterproof shoes covers and ponchos. But it can still be nice to have an umbrella for long walks back to a hotel from Disneyland or EPCOT’s World Showcase back to your bus. If you do plan to bring an umbrella, pick one that compacts easily to fit into your backpack. Please also be considerate when using your umbrella in the park to make sure you aren’t creating a weapon to poke someone in the head or worse, in their eye.

Do you have other tips for what to pack for a rainy trip to a Disney Park? Please add them to the comments!

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