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By Disneylove Diva

Welcome to Adventureland! From the moment you step foot into this adventurous land, there is upbeat, exciting music. This land offers many attractions, shops, and restaurants.

image Attractions in Adventureland include: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Each attraction offers a new journey unlike the last. These attractions are placed in Adventureland because they each offer adventure. Pirates of the Caribbean offers daring cannon fights, fire, and of course, pirates being pirates. Jungle Cruise is an exciting cruise through different parts of the world and shows different species of animals.

Adventureland offers a lot of shopping experiences. Some shops sell Disney merchandise, clothing, snacks, toys. Other shops sell African jewelry, hand carved statues, hand-woven baskets and much more. Even the shops offer a wide variety of adventure. I  love the Bazaar in the middle of Adventureland. This shop offers almost everything you can think of!  Adventureland offers some of the best shopping in the Magic Kingdom.

Adventureland is also home to the Pirates League. The Pirates League is where you and your entire family can have the opportunity to be transformed into pirates. There are no age limits. Each package includes a makeover, a pirate name, and a chance to walk in a pirate parade that goes through Adventureland. This may be something that everyone in your family may want to do, so be sure to check it out! It is located outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

There are three different dining options in Adventureland (excluding carts). The Aloha Isle is where you can treat yourself to the very famous Dole Whip of Adventureland. The Sunshine Tree Terrace offers a large range of snacking options, such as drinks, ice cream, and popcorn. Finally, Tortuga Tavern offers authentic Mexican food. Any of the Dining options that you choose in Adventureland will live up the Disney expectation.

image Adventureland also offers a few Character Meet and Greets. You and your family can meet Pirate Goofy and Aladdin and Jasmine. Each of these Meet and Greets can make your family trip very special. Adventureland is the only place in the Magic Kingdom where you can meet Aladdin and Jasmine. Adventureland is also the home of around 15 Hidden Mickey’s. There are Hidden Mickey’s in every attraction in Adventureland. There are even a few hidden Donald Ducks. Just to give you a hint there is a hidden Donald Duck on the Jungle Cruise. It is on a canoe, but I’m not saying which one! Keep an eye out and see if you can find it on your own. Keep a count of how many Hidden Mickey’s you can find throughout Adventureland.

It is plain to see that Adventureland can add a little adventure to your day at the Magic Kingdom. In this adventurous land you and your family can make memories that can last them a lifetime. Be sure to check out all the attractions, dining, and shopping that Adventureland has to offer, you never know what you may see. Make sure that Adventureland is a stop on your schedule while visiting the Magic Kingdom.