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By: Disneylove Diva

052Hello everyone and welcome to the world-famous Jingle Cruise. That’s right, its Christmas time in the Jungle and the skippers and animals are taking notice. On this 2 week excursion through the jungle that is all decked out for the holidays, you will encounter great holiday cheer and animals who are more than happy to show their holiday spirit. I absolutely love the Jingle Cruise. Its something different from the regular Jungle Cruise and really puts you in the Holiday spirit.

From the moment you enter the queue, everything is decorated. The broken animal cages, the little office, Christmas trees everywhere, and even the spider 037that tries to break free from his cage is wearing a little Santa hat. Then you notice the boats. The names of each of the boats have been changed to fit the holiday spirit. As always there are of course Hidden Mickey’s on the ride. Same places as usual. The sign, the queue and the ride. But be sure to keep an eye out for Burlof, Olaf’s distant cousin made of burlap. Of course because this is still the world-famous Jungle Cruise, be prepared for the cheesy jokes with a 050holiday spin.

My personal opinion is that this is a fantastic Holiday attraction. Because Walt Disney World doesn’t change many attractions for the Holidays, this is a real treat. I love the cheesy holiday jokes and the decorations are fantastic. The skippers really put you in the holiday spirit. Even at 9:15 in the morning, we had to wait 25 minutes to ride. I would highly recommend using a Fastpass for this attraction. I admit though that is was totally worth the wait. We had a Fastpass at 9:50 for Buzz Lightyear, so this ride killed sometime for us. But using the Fastpass is up to you.

This is a wonderful attraction for kids and adults of all ages. My mom and I absolutely loved this ride. I wanted so badly to ride it again but it had a 120 minute wait. I highly recommend this ride because it is something different and is only here once a year and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this 059Holiday Jungle Cruise. A great photo during this ride is the famous Trader Sam. He is all decked out for the Holidays and has a holiday deal just for you, “Two of his heads for one of yours.” You don’t want to miss out on this deal so be sure to visit Trader Sam while on your two-week excursion.

The Jingle Cruise will leave you feeling jolly and in the holiday spirit. Remember, its only here during the holiday season so don’t miss it. It wont be back for another year. Be sure to take your family and friends on this wonderful and lavish holiday cruise. If you have any Bah-Humbugs, there is a special place 065just for them during the ride. Hope this inspires you to travel deeper and deeper into the holiday spirit by making a stop at the Jingle Cruise. This should also have you prepared for the cheesy jokes. Happy Holidays everyone and as usual remember to have fun and Disney on.