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by Military Diva

Are you one of those families that have conquered the Disney Parks?  Or maybe you have a deep appreciation for the legendary service offered by Disney Cast Members.

Did you know you can expand your vacation beyond the Parks and take a Disney Cast Member with you?


Disney offers a vacation program known as Adventures by Disney.  This  program offers your family the chance to explore the world while still receiving the Disney Service we all love.   You can travel the globe without the stress of planning every detail or worrying over personal safety and security.  This is Disney!  They take care of it all.

Count on your Adventure Guides to create the vacation of a lifetime!

Count on your Adventure Guides to create the vacation of a lifetime!

Let’s begin by looking at the Disney Difference offered with Adventures by Disney.

What is the Disney Difference? The Disney Difference is the story told through your adventure. A vacation with Adventures by Disney takes you to the destination of your choice and completely submerses you into the local culture.  While visiting the famous tourist destinations your family will also become part of the local culture.  You will never be a passive bystander with Adventures by Disney. Your trip will include unique experiences such a cooking with an authentic local chef or painting your own boomerang while visiting an Aborigine village.

And of course,  you will do it all in VIP style with behind the scenes access to sites not typically open to the general public.  Want a private tour of the Vatican?  Dinner at Edinburgh Castle?  Or maybe you would enjoy a private film screening at Lucasfilm studios? Adventures by Disney can arrange it!

Disney ensures you receive a memorable trip with sights and experiences not normally included in a vacation. They don’t offer a basic tour; they offer a well planned experience designed to let you enjoy both the history and the life of the destination.

Royal adventures in France.

Royal adventures in France.

Adventure Guides are key to the Disney Difference.

From the moment you arrive at your destination, you have an Adventure Guide by your side.  Every Adventure by Disney vacation provides two adventure guides-one is typically a former Disney Park Cast Member  that has the ability to speak English as well as the language of the country you are visiting.  The second adventure guide is a local expert, well educated on the hidden gems of the area as well as the local dialect.  You will never be alone or unable to communicate when you travel with Disney!

What can you expect from your Adventure Guides?

Your adventure guides will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination and they travel with you throughout your vacation.  They act as a storyteller, a concierge, and sometimes a fairy godmother sprinkling pixie dust over your experience.

Now, while not guaranteed, Adventure Guides often go out of their way to add special details to your trip.  I was recently made aware of a trip to Italy that included a private  tour of the Vatican.  During the trip the Adventure Guide learned that one of his couples was celebrating their wedding anniversary and, due to their Catholic faith, were very excited to visit the Vatican. This Cast Member secretly arranged for the happy couple to have a private meeting at the alter of the Vatican where they were surprised by the opportunity to renew their vows.  I don’t know of many tour groups that have the care or the ability to make special events such as this happen.  Adventures by Disney Guides are the exception.

Zip line through the rainforest!

Zip line through the rainforest!

Where can you travel with Adventures by Disney?

Well, where would you like to go? Adventures by Disney has destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Europe and North America. Quiet adventures through the Grand Canyon, regal tours through Europe and exciting excursions through some of the world’s best cities are all available. The possibilities for your family are only as endless as your own imagination.


Where would you like to go?

Where would you like to go?

How do we learn more of book our own Adventures by Disney vacation?

You can learn more about these exciting experiences by visiting You can find information on booking via phone or you can call your favorite travel agent for assistance.  (At this time you cannot book online.)

For any additional information of help booking your own Adventures by Disney vacation please consider contacting our recommended agent-Patricia with All for Dreams Travel-Specializing in Disney Destinations and Cruises.