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In this picture, as you can see, I’ve got the peace signs and the
‘cool’ smirk on my face. This is because I am trying to not seem
too excited to be in Disneyland because that would seem “childish.”
Well it’s NOT! Disney is for EVERY age group!

Author: Mini Diva

Well parents, here we are.

You want to know how to handle your teen and, as a teen, I am here to help.

The time has come that they are growing up and getting those ‘out of control’ mood swings. Is it fun yet?

The first thing I’m going to tell you is that it will NOT be easy. You will need more patience then what you have. It will be even more difficult if you have other children as well because they all have separate needs. You might want to read this article on handling a younger and older child on a Disney Vacation. Teens may always be on their phone, never seem like they care, or just don’t talk, but I would advise you to NOT take this the wrong way. They are having fun; whether it is noticeable or not. They may be annoyed by their siblings or they aren’t very good at conversations with parents. It is a very hard thing for us teens to do and some don’t even bother trying.

Next, I will say during this time in their lives they are stressed and tremendously hormonal. Please parents, don’t get short tempered with them, it doesn’t help either of you. You get upset, they get upset; the family wouldn’t be acting like a family anymore. Plus when teens get mad, some tend to walk away…those I like to call the ‘walkers’. They always try to walk away from their problems. When they eventually come back do NOT start anything with them. They are finally calmed down which is what we like.

The third thing I will inform you is that teens are hungry all the time! Keeping them full tends to keep them happy and not cranky. You may think that we can wait but especially on vacation we shouldn’t have to. Eating is a mandatory thing and when you think about it you may never eat there again depending how often you go. Make sure they have snacks they like and/or some money to manage for their snacks.

All of these tips should help you tremendously with your teen(s), but the absolute main thing to remember is no matter what, there WILL be drama. Yes, drama. The thing we all dread on vacation let alone at all. Teenagers are full of it from their head to their toes, but remember we can’t help it. Drama comes naturally to us teens, sadly.

You may want your Disney vacation to be perfect and that is why you are here trying to find ways to handle your teen, but honestly, I think we all know that that cannot happen. This does not necessarily mean that your trip will be a bad one and a trick for that is don’t think of the bad that can happen because you may jinx yourself and that is NEVER fun. Think of the best thoughts that you can ever imagine! This will help your trip be magical, but remember not to go too overboard because when you get a perfect fantasy in your head you overwork yourself to create that fantasy and that stresses your family out!

No matter how old we get, remember we always love to see Disney’s famous characters, like my absolute favorite, Eeyore. Oh my goodness parents! If you honestly think your teenager isn’t having fun on your vacation, THINK AGAIN! This is just their way of trying to act “cool.” Don’t fret about this because they ARE having fun and they WANT to be there. Knowing us teens is tricky, I know, but mastering our ways would be easier if you stop to think how you were as a teen. You were most definitely a teenager at some point.

Some days you were happy and excited the next you were miserable; this just proves you have the ability to make your vacation a good one, but the first step is to understand.