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Author: Mini Diva

When you go on a trip with your teen you might not know what could set them off. That’s where I come in. I’m here to tell you the top 5 things that teens NEVER want to hear on vacation.

5) “Don’t stay up late”

Teens HATE it when you tell them not to stay up late. honestly parents? It’s vacation; let them “hang loose.” 🙂 Less sleep might make them cranky, but they should have some slack on that leash. Teens need to have a little freedom…even if it’s only staying up later. It makes them feel like they have a say, besides if you’re staying on property they should be able to come and meet up with you later without much trouble. My dad let me stay up late for almost the first time just this year to attend Electronica. Disney at night is AMAZING hands down!

4) “Family time”
We all know vacation time is family time, but how much family can we deal with? How much family can even YOU deal with? I know my vacations are more enjoyable if I’m also able to do non family related things such as:

  • meet cute guys/ girls 🙂
  • shop for Disney souvenirs
  • call friends
My family are the Disney characters themselves
A little freedom in a few places will make your real family time much more enjoyable. Little give and take parents!

3) “Take your sibling to the bathroom”
For people who have more then one kid be aware that your your teen HATES to be stuck taking care of the other child at Disney. It’s not fair to them. Yes they have to pitch in but i know, personally for me, that it makes me mad! Every once in a while is not a big deal, but all the time is exasperating. It is kind of silly, but when i get stuck with a little one, I think “it’s your kid you take care of it!” Anyways, try your best not to make your built in babysitter/ teen help with the other child/children. It makes them feel like that’s all they are good for and they will get cranky and make it not fun for you.

2) “No”

Okay. I know what your thinking, and yes many times no needs to be the answer, but on vacation, parents, can we loosen it up a little? Sometimes your teen may ask for food or to take a break; they need these things! We, as teens, are not used to walking all day and walking all day causes us to get hungry and tired. Yes it is exciting being at Disney, don’t get us wrong, that’s not what is making us tired or what is seeming to be bored. Frankly I have never had this problem because me and my dad are great eaters and know when to take breaks- we are equally matched. One of our favorite places to eat is at Restaurantasaurus in Animal Kingdom, Disney World. Just a heads up. 🙂

1) “Put your phone away”
Yes! you guessed it. Our number one thing teens NEVER want to hear on vacation! Your teens lifeline is their cellphone. As I said in one of my previous articles, if your teens get mad in any way they go to talk to their friends which calms them down, and that is a good thing. The last thing you want is a grumpy teenager on vacation; I know from experience.

TIP FOR PARENTS: Check to make sure your teens phone is SECURE before you go on a ride. You never want your teen to lose their phone on a ride. This is a terrible thing to experience at any Disney park. Actually, just this year my phone had gone FLYING off of California Screamin’. I was balling my eyes out afterwards which didn’t make anybody happy. That was a big downer to our trip but knowing it is just an object I was able to get back on my feet and enjoy the time I had left in Disneyland.