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sw 300x224 All I really needed to know, I learned from Disney Cast Members.

Author: Disney Diva

Do you remember that poem by Robert Fulgham “All I really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten”? Well as I was trying to fall asleep this idea seized my brain and I just had to write it out.

All I really needed to know I learned from Disney Cast Members (Walt Disney World & Disneyland)

  • Do everything you can to make someone’s day magical!
  • If you know its someone’s birthday or anniversary you should ALWAYS tell them HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, people never get tired of you celebrating with them.
  • Even if you’re not in a good mood, you should fake it.
  • Fashion isn’t everything. (Just ask anybody who works at Epcot)
  • Always be extra nice to the people who “pay your salary”, even if they are cranky, mean, and don’t deserve it.
  • Even Princesses aren’t Perfect. (Even they need to wear wigs in order to keep their hair from frizzing in the humidity of Orlando.)
  • Make friends with total strangers and expect nothing in return.
  • Be culturally sensitive. A thumbs up gesture to a North American means something very different in other parts of the world.
  • Try something every day that scares you just a little bit (like Tower of Terror)
  • Act like every day is good enough to end with a parade and fireworks.
  • Some people are just cranky, its not necessarily your fault.
  • If you want to work your way up to being a CEO you should get ok with sweeping the streets.
  • Answer the question. Just because someone asked you that same question 10 minutes ago doesn’t mean you should get exasperated. The person who asked you now doesn’t even KNOW the person 10 minutes ago.
  • Everyday you go to work, try to make it one of the Happiest Places on Earth!
  • Don’t stare at people when their kids go into melt-down. It only makes them more angry.
  • Always be able to tell people where the bathrooms are. It makes you valuable.
  • Never think you’re too good or be too proud to clean up puke.
  • If you keep making that face it will stick that way is a good thing when that face is a smile.
  • Just because you’ve done something hundreds of times doesn’t mean you’re entitled to suck the fun out of it for everybody else.
  • Be child-like every day.
  • Smile when you see old couples holding hands and people dancing in the streets with their children.
  • If you don’t know the answer FIND SOMEONE WHO DOES.
  • Everybody needs to wait their turn.
  • Being sarcastic is not acceptable to someone you don’t know.
  • Never force a child to do something they’re uncomfortable with. (like riding Space Mountain for instance)
  • Make any guests in your home feel 100% welcome and comfortable.
  • Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can get you a tour-guide that knows what the heck they’re doing and a room in on the Monorail loop.
  • Take pride in whatever you do (someone has to operate Country Bear Jamboree after all)
  • When someone’s an excellent leader, follow them (Thanks Walt!)
  • Always, always, step away from the monorail doors when they’re closing.

What about you, what are some life- lessons you have learned from Disney Cast-Members?