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by Devo CabDisney

We all know that there is something very special and magical about Disney Parks. There are many other parks that have high standards, but there is a charm, a unique magic that simply can’t be described that sets Disney apart. But that magic just doesn’t happen by itself. There’s hard work and profuse sweating required that makes it all happen. Employees of Disney Parks, known as cast members, each bring their own magic everyday to help make an overall magical experience every day.

Now, let me be realistic for a minute. Not every cast member you come across is going to be all smiles and warm fuzzies. I’ve read many stories on Facebook complaining about rude cast members. Most of the time I feel like the guest is being very unreasonable. Not so friendly cast members may happen but you have to agree that cast members are human and will make mistakes or have bad days. Honestly, the “bad” ones are few and far between. I’ve come across a small handful of mediocre cast members, but a vast amount of cast members are going far beyond the magical expectations. And really, if you’re a negative person, you’re going to be looking for and finding something negative in everything. I’ll just leave that right there so it can simmer and sink in.

So back to the many, many cast members who make magic everyday! Everywhere you go, you’ll meet cast members with smiling faces and outgoing personalities. They have the magic and they want to share it with you! Maybe it’s just a friendly “hello,” or a “Happy Anniversary!” How would they know it’s your anniversary? I’m glad you asked! If you are celebrating anything special when on your Disney vacation, be it a birthday or an anniversary, you can pick up a button that lets everyone know that you’re celebrating! You can pick these buttons up when you check in to your Disney resort or at any guest services in the parks. You’ll be surprised how many people notice!

These buttons don’t just help initiate friendly greetings! I bought a pair of Mickey ears on my last birthday, and the friendly cast member did not charge me for having my name embroidered. This is something that we like to call “Magical Moments.” These are usually small gestures but it is one way cast members can make your day more special.


When you get your button, wear it throughout your vacation! On our last Walt Disney World vacation, we were actually there on my birthday. But I wore my button all week. We went to Epcot the day after my birthday. I decided I wanted some tea from the United Kingdom. The cast member who checked me out wished me a happy birthday. Little did I know that he had more up his sleeve.


I love shopping, but I hate to carry the bags around. I can’t explain it but I like to have my hands free, and I don’t want to worry about a bunch of bags. This is where I like to take advantage of one of the many amenities offered by Disney. Take advantage of Disney delivery services in the parks. If you are staying at Disney resort, speak to the retail cast member that checked you out and let them know you would like to have your items delivered to your resorts gift shop. Then you can just pick it up when you’re back to the resort. Not staying at a Disney resort? Have your items delivered to the front of the park, and then you can just pick them on your way out. This makes life so much easier and pleasant.

Okay, so back to my tea. I spoke to this cast member about having my tea delivered to the front of the park. At the end of the evening, I picked up my bags and went back the resort. Just for peace of mind I like to look everything over just to make sure I received everything I purchased and make sure there is no damage. I’ve never had a problem, but I do realize that cast members are humans and things happen. So as unpacked everything, I noticed a napkin tucked in with my tea. On the napkin was a note from that cast member, once again wishing me a happy birthday. Cue another big smile on my face. It takes very little effort to smile at someone and say “happy birthday,” but to take it a step further and reiterate it in a note? That’s the kind of customer service found at Disney. It’s so simple, but so magical. People complain about Disney Park prices, but go to some of these other cheaper parks and see if their employees will go to that level.


Then there are the cast members who just like to have fun, and can recognize when guest want to have fun too! On our last trip to Walt Disney World, we were walking past the 50’s Prime Time Café in Hollywood Studios, and a cast member from the restaurant stood outside with a hula-hoop. We jokingly said she should show off her hula-hoop skills, to which she replied with a fun sarcasm “Oh, you think I can’t?”  She of course offered to let us show off our skills. It was silly, but a moment that will be long remembered.

       The next time you go to a Disney Park, be sure to appreciate the lengths that the cast members will go to make your stay so magical. There’s a lot of effort and thought that goes into the Disney Parks, but it’s often the small gestures of an exceptional cast member that will stay in your memories for years to come.