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By: Nick the Disney Devo

A couple of months ago, Disney released a fun new App, similar to the popular Where’s My Water, called Where’s My Mickey?

This is a fun app for all ages, and would be an excellent way to keep you or your young ones entertained while waiting in a line.

 While not as challenging as Where’s My Water, it is a lot of fun, especially the level intro videos, and sight gags that come at the completion of each level. And it’s free!

There are 3 free levels featuring Mickey.
Each starts with a video that sets up game play.
In “When Life Gives You Lemons”, Mickey sets up a lemonade stand at the beach…

…but is missing a key component. Water.

You need to provide the water so he can serve his customers.
Some levels are extremely easy, but there are some challenging ones as well.

After each level completion, you are rewarded with a cute little sight gag.

At the completion of the level, you get a final cartoon that concludes the story.

Level 2, Fanning the Flames, has you trying to help Mickey put out a potentially disastrous flame.

On Level 3 you need to help Mickey save his potentially prize winning garden, which has been trashed by Pluto, before contest judges arrive!

Along the way, you collect awards and hidden surprises, which are displayed in your prize cabinet of course.

For an extra $.99 you can have 2 additional levels that feature Goofy. In Van Goofy, you need to help get Goofy pigment to create his painted masterpieces.

In Ship Wrecked, Goofy is stranded on a desert island that has an amazing plant that transforms various objects into delicious food, such as pizza and cheeseburgers! Help Goofy eat by getting the plants nectar to him.
As with the Mickey levels, there’s an intro video, sight gags galore, and a conclusion.
I look forward to more updates of this fun app in the future!
This originally posted on the Disney Musings Blog, which Nick co-writes with his wife Barbie.