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By Undercover Diva

Need a little mid-day break from the heat? If you are at the Magic Kingdom head over to Fantasyland to enjoy Philharmagic, a 10 minute 3D show that features Donald and some favorite Disney Classics.

While you can use your FastPass+ for this attraction, or if you are lucky and get a surprise FastPass, there is no need because the line for Philharmagic is rarely over a 10 minute wait. Once you are welcomed into the Fantasyland Concert Hall, the wait is barely that long. With shows every 10 minutes, and 486 seats, they can seat a lot of people throughout the day, plus it is air conditioned! When Goofy opens the doors ‘automagically’ you are welcomed into the theater as you wait for Mickey and his orchestra to get ready, but not before Goofy opens the curtain too early sending the cast of characters into a panic.

Donald is the main man in this film, though it is called “Mickey’s Philharmagic” and of course where Donald is, we know he will be getting himself into trouble. Donald tries to steal the Sorcerer’s Hat away from Mickey to control the Philharmagic Orchestra. Of course the orchestra will have nothing to do with that, sending Donald through the stories of Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia, The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Peter Pan, and Aladdin.

I personally love this show. I think it is a great combination of old and new Disney that everyone will love. It’s a fun experience for the whole family and everyone ends up loving it when they walk out.

Philharmagic is wheelchair accessible, with no transfer necessary. There is a row just for guest with disabilities and their families and they can experience the show with everyone else.

I would give Philharmagic a scare factor of 1 because the lights do go out and it does get pretty loud. I’ve seen people leave the theater because it was just a little too much for their little ones.

Though not described as a 4D show, Philharmagic does have some show effects that bring you into the movie, and I feel the need to warn that there is a slight strobe effect that you might not notice unless it were to really bother you.

Extra Diva Tip: Keep your eye out for one Hidden Mickey once you are inside the theater, and a Hidden Mickey and Hidden Dumbo once the movie has started!