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By The Toy Story Fanatic Devo

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It’s the last evening of the last day of your Disney trip and you realized that you didn’t quite make it onto Toy Story Midway Mania enough times, so you jump out of the line for whatever and head straight over to the giant Mr. Potato head. You get there and see the estimated wait time at 1.5 hours. That’s not too bad, but something goes wrong and the new estimate from the middle of the line is now 3 hours.

Now this would scare off lesser fans, but not you! You are the pinnacle of human achievement! You are a Disney fan and nothing is going to keep you from shooting pies in the general direction of the intended target! But between that time and where you are now is a long, tedious wait to the front of the line. What is a brilliant fan like yourself to do with this time?

Well, we at Tips from the Disney Diva’s and Devo’s care about you and your trip and, like it or not, waiting in line seems to be an unavoidable part of the Disney experience. So to help you along, here are few of my favorite ways to pass the time while waiting in line.

Waiting in Line what to do to pass the time

It’s important to remember that even if the sign says one thing, it’s just an estimate and could mean a much longer (or shorter) wait. photo by Pixie Dusted Diva

Draw a Picture

You should have your travel journal with you, right? I would suggest you pick a subject and try to draw it. Disney puts a lot of work into the aesthetic of their parks and there’s always something interesting to look at, especially in the line. Perhaps you find an interesting hieroglyph in line for Indiana Jones. Maybe you finally noticed Captain Rex from the old Star Tours hanging out in Maintainance. Or maybe you’re really into the gardens around the Haunted Mansion. Even if you can’t draw that well, it’s a great way to make time go faster to try your hardest to make a realistic/ impressible image of what you see.

Read a Book

This is the most versatile option I can think of. If you have a goal to read a certain book, why not pack it with you and read it while you’re in line? Disney has a fun selection of books that they publish from the obscure like “Kingdom Keepers” about a bunch of kids who explore Disney after dark to the award winning “Percy Jackson” series.  or if you want to be REALLY classy, you could read a comic book! There are literally thousands of Disney comics and there’s bound to be one you’d like. You can check out our recommendation list here. Plus, I think it’d be fun to have Captain America sign a comic book for you!

Plan the Next Item on Your Itinerary

When the line takes longer than you originally thought, you need to re-evaluate the itinerary. Don’t think of this as a hindrance on your plans, think of this as a new opportunity. Maybe you won’t be able to do the item you had planned, but there’s always something new and exciting at Disney. Check with one of the Cast Members if they have any information on one-time deals or attractions. Maybe now you have the perfect excuse to try out a ride that scared you before.

Play Some Games

These games don’t even have to be very elaborate. Simple road-trip games like “The Alphabet Game”, “I-Spy”, and “20 questions” can kill a lot of time, especially with all of the interesting things to look at during the wait. This is a good time to bond with your family or friends and this kind of distraction can keep the fun of your Disney vacation at a constant pace.

If you decide to go the electronic route for games, I’d invest in an actual portable gaming device like a Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. There is a healthy selection of Disney games for portable devices if you so desire and a lot of perks that become unlocked with most systems just by walking around with them. Plus you’d get a better, true-to-form video gaming experience with these.

what to do while you wait in line / Back of the Line?- What To Do While You Wait!

Unforeseen circumstances and situations can make lines VERY long. It’s good to keep a couple of things to do while you wait at all times. photo by Cruisin’ Diva

Disney also has a good selection of phone games, my favorite being “Disney Magic Kingdoms” but be careful with data rates and pay-to-play functions. You can also try the “Heads Up” App, Disney Version! Phone games can get expensive really fast and do a number on your phone battery, so keep that in mind and bring a charger!

Call a Friend

The last trip my family took to Disneyland, I was unfortunately unable to go due to school and such. Something I really appreciated though was when family members called me and shared stories of what they did and, since I like to think I’m a professional at Disney stuff, ask my advice. I like it when people ask my advice. It makes me feel smart. Anyway, I’m sure you have some old friends you could message or call that would probably like to hear a positive message from you. Spread some of that Disney Magic around!


Strike Up a Conversation

if you’re bored in line, I guarantee you aren’t alone. Try striking up a conversation with the people next to you. Where are they from? What are some similar interests they have with you? Is this their first time at Disney or their millionth? I’ve been fortunate to have traveled a lot and I can comfortably say that most people are good and all have something interesting to share.

Write that Toy Story/ Star Wars Crossover You’ve Been Meaning to Get to

Or whatever you like to write. Waiting in line is like sitting in the shower. It’s easy to let your mind clear and then you come up with your best ideas. Everyone seems to dream of writing a book, now is the time to try it out! Maybe write it on your phone an email it to yourself (technology is cool) or go old-fashioned and jot it out with a pencil and paper (paper is cool).

Waiting in line doesn’t have to be a pain. there are plenty of ways to get around the boredom. I gave some suggestions here, but I bet you could come up with your own list as well. Place your suggestions in the comments below and remember to keep wishing on stars.

And once you’ve planned what you are going to do in line, consult with our FREE Disney Diva Travel Agent Patricia at All for Dreams Travel for more planning advice on your next Disney vacation!

Back of the Line what to do while you wait at Disney parks