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Luxurious and Cruelty-free Bath Products at Walt Disney World

Author: Canadian Diva

Luxurious without being pretentious.

Minimalist and sophisticated.

Elegant with magical Disney touches.

This is what BASIN & BASIN WHITE in Walt Disney World embodies.

In my 20’s I worked at a LUSH store on a trendy street in Toronto, I can say that I know my bath products pretty well from all of our training. A decade after working at LUSH, I first entered the BASIN store in Disney Springs (back when it was Downtown Disney) and I absolutely fell in love. I also spent hours at the Grand Floridian Resort location too (read Disney Magic Diva’s review of the Grand Floridian Resort here). I love bath and beauty products and if they have a Disney Touch, it’s even more magical.

BASIN’s aesthetics has changed since the first time I visited. The store in Disney Springs has a more airy, minimalist feel. They really upped the vibe with an elegant layout, like you are walking into a spa. However, you don’t feel intimidated as it has the signature friendly Disney service as you would see all over Walt Disney World. You feel welcomed to luxury at BASIN.

They offer an array of products from hundreds of Bath Bombs, to bath salts (where you can customize different colors/scents), body butters, shampoo, and conditioner bars. However, their most popular item is the signature fresh-cut soaps with Mickey Heads and other Disney Themed designs. Since each soap is cut individually and packaged in the store, the soap is weighed, and prices vary. You have a choice of however larger or smaller quantity you want.

BASIN soaps are my favorite products to purchase. They have so many different designs and colors to choose from. During the holidays they have themed ones as well. The fragrance of the soaps (and all their products) is an experience in itself. BASIN soaps make the best souvenirs and gifts for friends and family back home. Whenever I gift someone with a Disney Designed BASIN soap, I can see their eyes widen with delight and marvel at how beautiful their soap is. The soaps would make a fantastic gift for a teacher (especially if they were gracious to let your child to take time off during the school year for vacation) and would also make great stocking stuffers during the holidays! I have bought soaps ranging from $5 – $9 so it’s a super affordable gift.

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Basin Soaps have awesome Disney themed designs. Many have cute Mickey Heads.

BASIN soaps has cute designs for kids too! You can get gender neutral FUN designs. For children who love Princesses, they have great royal designs for any Princess fan. My daughter who is a HUGE COCO Movie fan, picked a great COCO themed soap. As for my favorite, I bought one that had a Japanese Cherry Tree design.

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A list of harmful ingredients BANNED from all BASIN products

BASIN is CRUELTY FREE. They also ban harmful ingredients that are found in many bath products from other companies. There are 20 Ingredients that are NOT found in BASIN products to make their products natural and safe. For a list of the ingredients, BASIN bans with a description of why they banned them, see their information page here.

BASIN WHITE is a little higher end than BASIN. BASIN WHITE could be found in the Grand Floridian Resort. If you and your family are Resort Hopping or have a reservation in one of the incredible restaurants in the Grand Floridian, visiting BASIN WHITE is a great way to spend time while waiting for your reservation or after your meal. How is BASIN WHITE different? According to BASIN’s website, it states, “BASIN WHITE come in different package design as well as exclusive fragrances not featured in BASIN products…… BASIN WHITE brand has added ingredients to enhance the product. Both have great products and give you lots to choose (from)!”

For TRAVEL, I didn’t want to carry a whole bunch of big Bath Bombs on the plane when we were heading home. What I really like is that Basin has MINI bath bombs. You can pick an array of mini Bath Bombs and place it in a tube. This is so great to travel with and makes a really sweet gift as well. It also looks pretty when you pick different colors of mini bath bombs to go into the tube.

STAYING ON PROPERTY perks of shopping at BASIN is like any other store in Walt Disney World. When we were at Disney Springs on our first day, we requested to have our package delivered to our Walt Disney World Resort (we were staying at the Art of Animation on our last trip). This service is such a GREAT service so that you don’t need to carry around your purchases. All you are required to do is to fill out a form with details of your stay and it will be ready for pick up at your Walt Disney World Resort Gift Shop.

Please note, for this service you may need at least 48 – 72 hours so if it is close to the end of your vacation you may not be able to get your package delivered. If it is close to the end of your vacation and you are shopping at Disney Springs, you can ask for the store to hold your purchases and when you ready to leave Disney Springs, you can pick up your purchase.

Diva Tip: it is FREE to go to Disney Springs. You do not need a park ticket to visit. Disney Springs is a shopping mecca with many fabulous restaurants as well. It is a great way to spend a free day or even afternoon or evening.

MORE Perks! If your Walt Disney World Vacation Package includes “Magical Extras” (it is a card that includes benefits and discounts) you get 10% off your ENTIRE purchase at BASIN. You can visit to know more. There are so many benefits to staying ON Walt Disney World Property and booking a Vacation Package. To help you save time and money as well as receive concierge-level service, contact our Disney Travel Specialist, Patricia Payne for a free quote and read the benefits of using her services here.

GIFT CARDS! If you have a Disney Gift card, you can USE your Gift Card at BASIN. I received a Disney Gift Card and was so happy to be able to use it at this store.

If you love BASIN products and wished you have bought more when you were in Disney World, you can shop online for BASIN products in the USA and Canada. The only unfortunate thing is, any Disney Themed products like the Mickey Soap is not available online and is exclusive to be sold in their stores in Walt Disney World.

Have you shopped at BASIN before? Let us know in the comments below.

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An array of Bath Bombs at BASIN in Disney Springs!

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