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2 Divas Done

Author: Diva Mouze

One essential word that should be in every Diva’s vocabulary, besides pampering and luxury, is Basin. Here’s a tip from the Photo Diva!

There are two locations on the Walt Disney World property for a luxury bath products store Basin. There is a Basin at Downtown Disney and another Basin White at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. During your vacation to the Disney theme parks, make a stop by either one of these Basin store locations to pick up some of their specialty bath items.

Basin is a luxury bath and body store. They carry a wide selection of chemical-free soaps, all designed to make you feel pampered, like the Diva you are! I suggest you start at one end of the soap display and smell your way to the other side of the display. All their bars of soap are visually appealing and fun to look at. There is a vast assortment of soap varieties, so allow yourself some time. Be sure to smell the Lemongrass Cranberry, my personal favorite. Basin White offers exclusive product lines of fragrances and solid perfumes, spa waxes, moisturizers, and a whole lot more.

Picture this…Basin White products do not contain any parabens, a substance that mimics estrogen. Products containing synthetic estrogen have been linked to increases in cancer, male infertility, and changes in children’s developing reproductive systems. Basin White products contain no alcohol to dry your skin, nor do they contain mineral oils, which can clog pores and slow the skin’s ability to rid itself of toxins. And for the animal-loving Diva, Basin White products are never tested on any animals. Now that you are free of parabens, alcohol and mineral oils, you can relax and enjoy your shopping!

1 Divas  DoneWant to pamper you or your Disney Diva after your vacation has ended? Bring home some Basin products, and remember I said to stop and smell the Lemongrass Cranberry bath bar! You can click here to go to the Basin store online.

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We’ll see you soon at Basin for some luxury bath products…
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