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By Undercover Diva

Be Our Guest is one of Walt Disney World’s hardest restaurants to get a reservation for. Partially because it is still fairly new, and partially because it is really a fabulous experience. If you are planning on going to Walt Disney World I really do recommend that you try and make reservation 180 days out, right when they open up to you (though if you are a Disney resort guest you technically can start 190 days out). If you aren’t able to make them that early then you can always check back daily. I can tell you from experience that it is possible to be successful doing this. I called every day for a month and did end up getting a reservation. Many of our Divas and Devos have written reviews for Be Our Guest, but I want to write something a little different for you. I was lucky enough to get to experience both lunch and dinner at this beautifully designed restaurant and I want to give you a comparison of what each looks like and what you might miss if you pick one over the other.










Lunch, as you may know, is considered a quick service meal. You tell them what you want and they cook for you while you find your own table and get your own drinks. Generally this is quicker than a sit down meal and is cheaper than a table service meal. Be Our Guest lunch is a little different than most quick service restaurants. At most places you stand at the counter until your food is ready and then you hunt for a table with your paper plates and plastic utensils. At Be Our Guest they take your order and they can either identify you from your MagicBand or from a little rose with a similar technology. You find your own table in one of the three 100_5583beautiful dinning rooms and grab your own silverware. Someone will come around and take a look at the receipts in the area so they know where you are seated and then a server will come around with your food on their finest china, per Mrs. Pott’s orders of course. Once you are done eating then you are free to just leave your dishes on the table and the servers will take care if them once you leave.












100_4026Dinner is when the reservations kick in. While you are not required to dress up, many people use this as a time to get a little more dressed up than their normal park day. You will be escorted to your seat in one of the three dining rooms that will be predetermined by availability. They will take your order and bring it to you once you are ready, and of course they will check on you a couple times to make sure everything is up to your standards. They welcome you to take a look around while you wait for your food. One very big difference between lunch and dinner is that the Beast comes out for meet and greets. He does not walk around like at a character meal, instead he meets in his den and they ask that you wait to meet him until you have eaten your meal.






Of course there are different menus for the different meal times. Some people say that lunch is just quick and easy versions of what they have for dinner, but I would disagree with that. Both menus are French inspired meals and are typical of what you would expect if you were eating at any other French restaurants at those meal times. Dinnertime at Be Our Guest is the one time and place you can find alcohol in the Magic Kingdom. They have a decent selection of wines, champagnes and beer and they even offer up a wine pairing with each entree. But Magic Kingdom is still a dry park and they insist that you finish your drink before you leave the restaurant.


Personally I liked dinner more, but I guess that is to be expected. I felt like you could really feel the true beauty of the restaurant when it wasn’t the typical lunchtime rush that you can see at any meal place around the Magic Kingdom. I also enjoyed my food a lot more at dinner, thought I wasn’t really a fan of the wine that had been paired with my selection. I would love to get a chance to eat at Be Our Guest at dinner time again, it was really a beautiful experience and one I will never forget.