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By Pink Diva

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for a reason.  Florida has plenty of sunshine and warm beaches.  What happens when you put a Winter Wonderland on Disney property?  You get the unique experience of playing in the water surrounded by (fake) snow.

Blizzard Beach, Mascot

The Ice Gator

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is a winter-themed water park featuring snow, icicles, and a ski lift.  Be on the lookout for Blizzard Beach’s mascot, the ice gator.  If you are lucky, he will make an appearance for photos and autographs.

For around $60 a day you can enjoy the water park.  Buses from on-property hotels are available to take you to Blizzard Beach.  There is no cost to park at Blizzard Beach if you choose to drive your own vehicle.  Disney Diva Tip: For those of you opting to drive your own vehicle, be aware that Blizzard Beach and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf (Santa/winter themed mini golf) share a parking lot.

Kids Life Jackets, Tikes Peak

The kids were picking out their life jackets. Life jackets are free at Tikes Peak and Melt-Away Bay.

Blizzard Beach is good for water lovers of any age.  Whether you want to play in the kids area, spend your time floating in the lazy river or want to get your adrenaline pumping on an extreme water slide, Blizzard Beach has something for everyone.

There are nine different quick service dining options.  You can purchase frozen treats from Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments, beer and alcohol from the Polar Pub, hefty snacks such as mini donuts and Mickey Pretzels, all the way to full meals inside the water park.

Blizzard Beach, Blizzard Beach Dining

Lottowatta Lodge

Tikes Peak is a great area to get the little ones excited about water parks.  They have a small pool area with a waterfall that they can splash around it.  There are two small traditional water slides: one where the rider sits on a small raft and floats down, the other they float on their bottom. There is also a racer-style water slide that allows three people to go down at the same time.  A small water slide playground-type attraction is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers not quite ready for the water slides. Tikes Peak is for guests 48 inches and shorter to enjoy.

Blizzard Beach, water slide

Racing down water slides in Tike Peak

If you want to spend your time with a little more excitement, take the chair lift to the top of the ski hill.  Up there is a family style tube ride that anyone can ride.  Four to six riders sit in a large tube and flow down a fun and twisty slide.  My youngest (3 years old) was a little scared on it, but the five year-old loved it and wanted to do it all day!

Ski Lift

Chair Lift to extreme water slides

The single rider extreme slides are Down Hill Dipper, Slush Gusher, and Summit Plummit.  All three of these require riders to be over 48 inches (122cm) tall.  The Down Hill Dipper is composed of two covered water slides that will bring out your competitive streak as you race down.  Slusher Gusher has not one, but two hills you slide down.  While not as intimidating as Summit Plummit, the 90 foot long water slide will leave your heart pumping.  Lastly, if you are brave enough to stand at the top of Mount Gushmore and look down at the 12-stories (120 foot sloop) and still ride Summit Plummit you will be rewarded at the bottom with a spray of water and a digital clock that shows your speed.

Blizzard Beach, Kid slide

My 3-year-old sliding down at Pikes Peak

If you have decided to skip the extreme water slides, there are still a few places to enjoy the water slides.  Toboggan Racers, Snow Stormers, and Runnoff Rapids offer all the excitement of a water slide, but are safe for guests of any height.  They are all single-rider water slides, so make sure all younger riders know they have to go by themselves.

Ski Patrol Training Camp has been designed specifically for the tweens and teens.  Test your skills at the obstacles course, fly down the zipline or take a ride down one of the water slides.

Blizzard Beach, Kid Water Slide

My five-year old sliding done the tube ride in Tikes Peak

If you don’t like water slides, don’t worry!    Melt-Away Bay and Cross Country Creek are for you.  Melt-Away Bay is a one-acre wave pool.  You can float alone or with a tube.  Cross Country Creek is a relaxing tube ride through the park.

Blizzard Beach, Wave Pool,

Melt-Away Bay

Towels can be rented, but if you can bring some from the hotel it will save you $2 per towel.  There are lockers for rent.  However, most people find a chair and leave their belongings there all day.  If you choose this option (this is what we have done), leave all valuables in the hotel.  Life vests are available on site for free, but it is first-come, first serve.  They are located in Tikes Peak and Melt-Away Bay.  Disney Diva Tip: Since it isn’t a large park, we usually skip the stroller.  It isn’t very stroller friendly and unless you have a small baby who will need to nap in it, I would suggest leaving it at the hotel.

Whether you love the snow or not, you won’t be disappointed with Blizzard Beach!

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Blizzard Beach, Lazy river

Cross Country Creek