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By Memory Maker Diva
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After a day spent plummeting down 12-story body slides, riding down winding rivers, and challenging your family to a race on a toboggan-style mat, what you really need is a good ice cream treat to celebrate!  Look no further than I.C. Expeditions!  Located across from the Ski-Patrol Training Camp, and near the exit of Summit Plummet, this quick-service take out stand is what you have been looking for! 
They have all of your favorite Mickey-inspired treats such as the Mickey Mouse Premium Bar ($3.29) 
and Mickey’s Cookie and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich ($3.29), plus all of your standard ice treats like sundaes (hot fudge, caramel or strawberry for $3.99), Waffle Cones (chocolate, vanilla, or swirl soft-serve ice cream for $3.59) and even ice cream floats (Barq’s Root Beer and Fanta for $4.19). For something really special, you want the Sand Pail.  Just be warned – this is not your everyday, average ice cream dessert.  It definitely isn’t for the “not so hungry”, “I don’t like to share”, or “on a diet” crowd either.  This is a VERY sharable bucket of yummy ice cream goodness!!
And a bucket it is!  You will be handed a sterilized green sand bucket, complete with cheap shovel, inside which is eight scoops worth of vanilla-chocolate swirl soft serve ice cream.  They coat the bottom layer in hot fudge, melted caramel, and real strawberry sauce then topped with whipped cream.  Then, they do it again…and again, and again! At the top layer they stir in Oreo bits and walnuts along with the sauces.  The whole thing is topped off with as much whipped cream as you will ever see again, some Mickey-shaped sprinkles, added Maraschino cherries for good measure, and finally it is handed over to you.  All of this for $9.99…so grab your shovel (and a few friends) and dig in!!

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