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IMG_2779  By D’land Diva

The D’land Diva family was pretty excited when the boardwalk section of California Adventure was re-designed a few years ago. The area used to house a pizza place and a McDonald’s restaurant. This newer area is incredibly beautiful with it’s boardwalk style architecture and bright lights. It boasts two delicious restaurants: The Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta and the Paradise Garden Grill. It also boasts a HUGE amount of seating and live entertainment.

The Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta is an Italian food eatery that is quick service and serves, well, pizza and pasta! It also serves salads, some snacks and desserts. The restaurant is set up with three different stations.

The first station is the pizza station. Here you can get tasty flatbread pizzas. There are the traditional pepperoni or cheese pizzas, a BBQ chicken pizza (with smoked gouda and applewood smoked bacon) and a portobello and spinach flatbread with artichoke and pesto.

The second station is the pasta station. Here you can find tasty spaghetti and meatballs (with some good size meatballs), a chicken sun-dried tomato pasta with a tasty cream sauce (one of our favorites) and a vegetarian 5-cheese ravioli with pesto and pine nuts.

The third station is where you can find and Italian chef’s salad, chicken  Cesar salad and the Boardwalk Field of Greens salad ( a tasty combination of greens, bleu cheese, dried cranberries and candied pecans). IMG_2773

For kids, there are several options: pizza, turkey meatball and pasta, and a turkey meatball sandwich. There is also the option of macaroni and cheese.

If you are interested in having a beer with your pizza, there is also a beer station! Peroni and draft beers are available for around $8 each.

There are also several pre-made items available in refrigerated sections up by the registers. Here you can find desserts such as lemon tarts, pre-made salads, fruit slices, carrot sticks and juice boxes and water or bottled drinks. There is also a soda fountain for those needing their caffeine fix!

In general, entree’s cost between $10-15. This is an excellent deal for the amount of food given. For adults, it is reasonable to split a plate of pasta and a salad. Or perhaps you can order a pizza and split a salad.

The D’land Diva family really enjoys the chicken sun-dried tomato pasta and the ravioli. Served in a pretty bowl, the pasta has the perfect ratio of chicken to pasta (read: there are not just three chunks of chicken sitting on top of the pasta). The chicken is mixed well within the pasta and is perfect compliment to the rich, creamy, tomato sauce. The sprinkling of Parmesan cheese adds just enough of a tangy bite to the dish.  If you are really into cheese, you can also add a packet of Parmesan cheese for an extra cheesy flavor!IMG_2767

The 5-cheese ravioli is tasty and served up pretty. The pesto adds a nice green color to the ravioli, which is very rich and creamy.Pine nuts add a nice nutty taste and some texture to the dish. This comes in a pretty large serving as well, no, you won’t just find three raviolis in your bowl.

So the next time you are wondering where to eat at California Adventure, head on over to the Boardwalk and check out Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta!