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IMG_1588By Undercover Diva

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this can be especially true if you day is going to be spent at a Disney Park. A good meal is the best way to start your day, it gives you energy and a full tummy will help you from getting crankier faster. While there are many breakfast locations all over Disney property, The Wave located on the first floor of the Contemporary is quick and hassle-free. The Contemporary is within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom and is home to a couple great dinning options. If you are looking for a character meal, Chef Mickey’s is a favorite among many Disney fans. But if character meals aren’t for you, or if you just want something that takes a little less effort, The Wave is for you. They have both a normal menu and a buffet for you to chose from, and for only $20 the buffet is a great deal.




IMG_1590Like many a sit down restaurant at Walt Disney World, a server will seat you an take your order. If you chose to order off the menu then they will bring your selection out when it is ready. If you chose to go with the buffet then your waiter will take your drink order and you are set free to chose whatever you like from the buffet. I chose the buffet and I was more than pleased. I noticed that just about anywhere you go on Disney property for breakfast, your selection will be about the same, but I have always really enjoyed what I get so it never bothered me. With many buffets you go to you wonder how long those eggs have been sitting out and if the bread will be stale? It’s nice to know that even though you are at a buffet the food will be fresh and delicious.




IMG_1589As per a typical Disney breakfast buffet they had everything from scrambled eggs, cereal, toast, a large fruit selection, and of course the Mickey head waffles. Here at the Wave they had some more refined selections like eggs Benedict and a fruit selection that looks like it should be on the food channel. They had starfruit when I was there, and I had always wanted to try it. It was quite entertaining because none of the waitstaff had tried it either so they were all very interested in what I thought.IMG_1592








The best thing about a buffet is you can eat until you can eat anymore! Now, if you are someone who enjoys high thrill rides or if you are there when it is extremely hot, make sure you aren’t over stuffing yourself. You want to be able to enjoy your day, not feel like you have to sit around and wait to digest everything. But if you do it right, a full tummy can last you a long while and won’t stop you from getting on any rides. If you do over stuff yourself, try and go to some the character meet and greets or a slow rides like “it’s a small world” or Under the Sea or even the Enchanted Tiki Room, then you can go on all the high thrill rides when your stomach has settled a little more. And don’t forget, the best thing about buffets is that if you have a picky eater, they can pick what it is they like and eat as much as they like.

The Wave does take reservations, but they are not required. If you are going during the busy season I would recommend it, but I went during a slow season and it was just my party and one other family. You can always make reservations if you want to be safe, but this isn’t somewhere that is super hard to get into.