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By British Diva

Us Brits are renowned the world over for being a nation of tea drinkers.  

It is said that each year in the United Kingdom we consume in excess of 4lbs tea – per person; now that’s quite a tea party isn’t it?! 

We do indeed partake of pekoe morning, noon & night; any occurrence – happy or sad – just pop the kettle on and a cup of tea will toast an occasion or instantly magic away the malaise!

With that kind of obsession dedication to our beloved drink, how can one possibly survive a holiday (vacation) to Walt Disney World without a daily brew?


And so begs the question…..will I get a decent cuppa tea whilst  I’m visiting with Mickey?! 

The answer is YESif you bring your own tea bags from home!



The flip side of the teabag is that our American cousins are known as a nation of caffeine loving coffee drinkers; who eat cookies & wouldn’t dream of dunking their biscuits! 

Where’s My Teapot?

Okay, so you might not want to actually pack your teapot, but you could bring along your own travel kettle (not forgetting the travel plug of course) enabling you to make some home brewed builder’s (strong) tea in the comfort of your own lodgings.
Most WDW Resort rooms are equipped with a coffee maker, but believe me when I tell you; it is not at all suitable to make your tea in. Yuk!
However if you take milk in tea you will need to purchase some fresh milk from your Resort shop (store).
Mousekeeping will replenish daily your supplies of ground coffee, powered coffee creamer & white sugar.
If, horror of horrors….you’ve forgotten to pack your own teabags!  You can purchase a fair, if a little pricey selection of Twinnings Teas in the ‘Tea Caddy’ within the UK Pavilion at EPCOT. 

Tea as we Brits know it, will appear on the menu in the USA as ‘Hot Tea’ 

Tea To Go…..

If you purchase the Disney Dining Plan or just your ‘home’ Resorts refillable mug it is possible to use your own (brought from home) teabags & just pour on boiling water from the refilling station & go……

‘Hot tea’ can be purchased at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop within the UK Pavilion at EPCOT.

Not surprisingly, the China Pavilion at EPCOT also has a popular tea spot.  ‘The Joy of Tea’ not only serves up traditional ‘hot tea‘ but a whole host of other weird & wonderful offerings that the more adventurous among us may wish to try out too.

In Asia within the Animal Kingdom park look out for the Royal Anandapur Tea Company stand.  Here you can purchase a welcome pick-me-up cuppa of English breakfast tea.

Treat yourself like Royalty and make a reservation for Afternoon Tea in the delightfully opulent setting of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Tea Treats….

If you are fortunate enough to be visiting WDW from March – May you can enjoy EPCOT’s annual Flower & Garden Festival complete with a  free 20 minute guided ‘History of Tea’ tour which is titled ‘The English Tea Garden’ & sponsored by Twinnings; clearly this event is held in the English Garden within the UK Pavilion.

Twirl & swirl until you’re quite dizzy in your very own life sized teacup on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ride within Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom!

“Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always tea time.”   Lewis Caroll

British Diva’s Tea Tippling Tips….

Tea should ALWAYS be enjoyed HOT & definitely not iced.
Tea should NOT be scented by herbs, fruits or any other unnecessary flavourings. 
You can drink tea with, or without milk.
Tea tastes great with or without the addition of white granulated sugar. 
However – only EVER put MILK in tea – NEVER….ever.…cream – it’s virtually UK law.
And it most certainly is socially acceptable to dunk biscuits (cookies) in one’s tea. 

Did you know that the UK even has a special Tea Council? The council both celebrates & promotes tea – those who produce it, sell it & simply just enjoy it. 

Tea is definitely part of the British infrastructure & without numerous tea breaks I think the UK would practically come to a grinding halt! 

Some British Slang Words For Tea – 
Rosie Lee 
A bit of a Brew 

……A nice cup of tea is perfect in any language. 

Coffee, it could be said; is just not my cup of tea.