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by D’land Diva

The Carnation Cafe is located on the left side of Main Street in Disneyland. It is the kind of place, with outdoor seating, that folks often pass by and think “What is that place? Looks cute!” And it is cute! It has striped umbrellas and tables with carnation flowers on them. It also has some modern conveniences like heat lamps for the cooler evenings.

In the past year or so, the Carnation Cafe took over the old Blue Ribbon Bakery building and added indoor seating.

Diva Tip: The outdoor seats offer the best views!

The advantage to sitting outside is the atmosphere. You can people watch and even parade watch. Yes, you can see the parade from the outdoor seats here! I posted a picture so that you can see the folks who left their tables to view the Soundsational Parade going to down Main Street.

Carnation Cafe serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast options include the traditional (eggs, bacon, potatoes) as well as some extras, like the famous Mickey waffle, Huevos Rancheros, Oatmeal Cakes and Frittatas. Meals are in the $8-$10 range.

For lunch and dinner, there are a variety of menu options- from meatloaf, to cheeseburgers, to shrimp salad, to the vegan burger! Meals are in the $12-$15 range.

Diva Tip: You can order coke at the Carnation Cafe with real syrup! Vanilla coke, cherry coke and even chocolate coke. A real treat!

Recently, the dessert menu has added some very tasty samplers. These adorable little mason jars are filled with the yummiest of dessert treats. We chose the S’mores. Delicious!

On our most recent of trips, D’land Diva hubby and I decided to split a cheeseburger plate. As you can see, the portions are decent and with a side salad, left us room for some dessert! This is a great option, and the waiter did not so much as blink and eye when we told him we were sharing. No extra plate charge!

This is a table service restaurant, so it is possible to make advanced dining reservations. It is not a wildly popular place ( like Blue Bayou) so it is not necessary. On busy days, you may want to consider walking inside to the front desk and making a lunch or dinner reservation. Breakfast tends to be the busiest time.