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by Daisy Diva

Contempo Café is a quick service eatery right next to Chef Mickey’s on the fourth floor of the Contemporary Resort.  The Daisy Diva family enjoyed dinner there recently, and I thought I would share our experience with you.


Upon our arrival we entered under the sign and immediately were given a menu and were ushered to the right to make our dessert and beverage choices which perusing the menu.  There were several delicious options in the bakery case,   but in an effort to be relatively health and budget conscious, we skipped it.  The kids made their drink choices to accompany their kids’ meals from the beverage case,  and then we proceeded to the ordering kiosks where we placed our orders with the cast member and received our cups for fountain drinks.  We were also given a number to place on the table so another cast member could bring us our meal.



We chose a booth right along the back edge of the eating area which meant that my kids did a lot of this trying to catch of glimpse of Mickey or one of his gang greeting the diners at Chef Mickey’s.  (They did manage to spy Pluto and Goofy!)


The menu at Contempo Café offers a pretty wide variety of food options:  sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, pasta, burgers, and even pot roast and sushi.  (The sushi is available to be picked up in the beverage case which just seems a little icky to me—but I’m not really a sushi person, so who am I to judge?)  We pulled a bit of a switcheroo—I ordered from the kid’s menu and my son ordered from the adult menu.

I’m a bit of a sucker for the kid’s Turkey Sandwich on that cute little wheat Goldfish bread, so when I spotted that on the menu, I knew it was a done deal.  I substituted fries for the carroteenies and hummus, and got the chocolate chip cookie for my son.  A kid’s meal at Disney is usually a really great option for an adult too, as it comes with a side AND a dessert (which can be a fruit cup if you want something healthier).  The turkey sandwich was pretty loaded with meat and after adding a little mayo, it was super fresh and yummy.  The fries are pretty standard, fast food, shoe string fries, and I love them.


While we are on the topic of kids’ meals, my daughter got the kid’s Cheese Pizza which came with grapes and a chocolate chip cookie.  The kid’s pizza is pretty much the same as a flatbread just smaller.  She gobbled it down and said it was really good.  She ordered the pizza again during this same trip, so I’m guessing she liked it!


My son is a pizza lover as well, but he has a more adult taste when it comes to toppings.  Pepperoni and cheese just don’t cut it with him, so he opted for the Meat Lover’s Flatbread.  It was pretty big and had plenty of pepperoni, bacon, and sausage to make his taste buds happy.  He enjoyed it, but wasn’t able to eat it all—it was a pretty big portion.


Finally, my husband ordered the Turkey BLT with fries and said it was very good.  He even mentioned wanting it again the next day!  It was loaded down with plenty of turkey, plus the crunchy bacon and lettuce, and fresh juicy tomato topped it off perfectly.  It had what appeared to be a cranberry mayo on it, and he wasn’t wild about that.  I think if he ordered it again, he would get them to leave that off and just add some regular mayo or mustard to it.


DSC_0011My husband is a big Diet Coke drinker, so the beverage station where we could fix our own drinks and get refills was perfect for him.  We also got good use out of the condiment bar which was loaded down with any condiment you could need or want with your meal.  There is also a small toppings bar with tomato, lettuce, pickles, etc. for bulking up your sandwich or burger.  This toppings bar also had caramel sauce and hot fudge for the soft serve ice cream you could get near the beverage cases.


We really enjoyed our meal at Contempo Café.  The Contemporary Resort is really lovely and a lot of fun—especially since it’s so close to the Magic Kingdom.  And it’s a great way to enjoy a delicious meal at a nice place, but still have the quick service price tag!

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