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Contempo Cafe   By Diva Viva

 Contempo Café is the Quick-Service Café in the heart of the Contemporary Resort, just outside of Chef Mickey’s Restaurant in the main atrium of the hotel.  It is a perfect spot for Contemporary guests to grab a drink, a quick bite to eat, and fill up their Resort Refillable Mugs.

The Contemporary has many dining options, including: Chef Mickey’s, The California Grill, and The Wave.  But, the Contempo Café is the only fast food and grab-and-go option besides the food available at the gift shops.

Contempo Cafe Order ScreenContempo Café is a step up from the average grab-and-go, however, with some surprisingly yummy options and a good variety of healthy food choices.  There are quick pre-made sandwiches and snacks, but there are also ready to order hot sandwich and meal options available on the computerized menu screens.  Guests are invited to step up to one of the multiple menu screens, browse the options available, and electronically place an order for a meal. It is easy to  make specific choices and tailor the meal to your personal tastes (condiments, sides, etc.)  It is actually kind of fun to order this way, especially for kids!  Beyond the cafeteria style food counter where the computer-ordered meals are handed out, is the market with pre-packaged drinks and snacks and the soda and drink fountain station with a variety of beverages including sports drinks, coffee, and tea.  It is a full service drink station great for filling up your Resort Refillable Mugs before heading out to the parks.Refillable Mug

Contempo Cafe Menu

I especially recommend the homemade chips and the Hot Smoked Turkey Sandwich made with brie, arugula, and green apples, all ingredients that aren’t normally expected at a fast food stop.  The menu is very kid friendly as well with burgers, fries, and other kid favorites.

The best part about Contempo Café is the location.  It is right below where the monorail cuts through the middle of the Contemporary Resort, so as you dine, you can watch the monorail trains coming and going and people getting on and off.  There is also a beautiful mosaic mural in the atrium that allows for great discussion or “I-spy” game playing.  Because of its location at a monorail stop, it is not just for Contemporary Guests.  If you are headed to Magic Kingdom on the monorail, you can easily stop along the way for a relaxing bite to eat before you get into the park or you could take a break from the busyness of the park mid-day and take a ride out to the Contempo Café on the monorail.

For a quick-service and grab-and-go food stop, it is a great option with some delicious food choice surprises and added ambiance entertainment that can’t be found at all fast food stops.Contempo Cafe Food

~ Diva Viva