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By: Main Street Diva



Located in the Animal Kingdom area, Disney’s Coronado Springs resort resides. In this South -Western US Mexican themed resort, you will stare in awe of the beauty of the architecture. The sound of a classic Spanish guitar echoes through the lobby as you are greeted by the friendly cast members waiting to give you a warm welcome and say the words you have been longing to hear since you booked your vacation, “Welcome home.” A beautiful fountain stands right in the middle of the lobby. img_1245If you look to your left you’ll see Panchito’s gift shop, a Three Caballeros themed shop, that is filled with goodies waiting to make its way from the store into your luggage as a souvenir to take home! You can also have your souvenirs sent from the theme park to Panchito’s.


Main Street Diva Tip: The gift shop closes at 10 PM so make sure if you plan to stay late in the parks every night, you schedule some time to pick up your souvenirs from the gift shop. 

img_1242There is a wonderful food court called The Pepper Market which in keeping with the theme, is decorated like an open market complete with high ceilings and a vibrant color scheme. In this food court you can get traditional Mexican foods such as tacos and empanadas. img_1243You can also try foods such as pizza and omelettes for breakfast. Other places to eat include Café Rix which is a quick service café img_1244serving food for breakfast, lunch and dinner,  Las Ventanas which is a table service restaurant for breakfast and lunch, and last but certainly not least, you can enjoy delicious dishes in the Coronado Springs main dining area for dinner, Maya Grill. Maya Grill is a table service restaurant offering tasty Mexican dishes for dinner including seafood, steak and many other perfectly flavored options.img_1241

Over 21 years old and would like some adult time? Well, you are in luck. Coronado Springs has two bars where you can wet your whistle and enjoy a nice glass of wine or a tasty cocktail. The Rix lounge is a perfect adult getaway to relax and take some time away from the crowds in the park. The Sietas Cantina is a pool bar located in the “Dig Site” by the incredible Mayan ruins pool. So grab a drink, lounge out by the pool, and enjoy the other side of your Disney vacation.

The Coronado Springs resort is a very large resort, which is also the home to one of Disney’s Convention Centers. There are 1,912 guest rooms that surround the large and beautiful lake, Largo Dorado. There are 5 buildings that make up the Casitas and they have 3-5 floors per building. Some buildings are a bit of a walk to get to when trying to get to and from the main lobby.


Main Street Diva Tip: When traveling with families, make sure all people in your party are able to walk long distances.

Main Street Diva Tip: When planning your stay at this resort, I would suggest asking for a room away from the pool areas and try requesting to be near one of the bus stops. The pool area is open 24 hours so it can get loud during all hours of the night. I learned that the hard way. I found myself calling the front desk at 3 o’clock in the morning 3 nights in a row due to the noise level which woke me up out of my sleep. I also suggest asking for a room that is close to the bus stops due to the grounds being so large. This will save you a lot of the time and walking in the morning when trying to catch that bus. img_1235

Overall I thought this was a beautiful hotel and would possibly consider staying here again. There are other resorts I would recommend staying in before I would suggest the Coronado Springs, however, I think for a moderate resort, it is definitely worth a try. I hope my tips helped you during your Disney planning adventure! Comment below if you have your own thoughts and tips for the Coronado Springs Resort!

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