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by Devo CabDisney

You’re planning your next Walt Disney World vacation, and you have a big decision to make. Will you stay at a Disney resort, or will you stay off property. I don’t know about you, but this is a no brainer. I don’t go to Walt Disney World without staying on property, and that isn’t going to change. You may or may not save some money by staying off property, but the benefits of staying at a Disney resort far out weigh the savings. You really owe it to yourself to stay at a Disney resort.

But the decision-making doesn’t stop there. Now you’ve got to figure out if you’ll stay at value, moderate or deluxe resort. Personally, I’m not at Walt Disney World for the resort. I’m there for the parks. So for me, the deluxe resorts aren’t really worth it to me. That’s not to say that I would never stay at a deluxe, but I’m okay with going somewhere else. Values are fun and are very “Disney” but I prefer the moderate resorts. Primarily because of the perks of staying at a moderate. Those perks can vary from one resort to another, so be sure to check out those perks on the Walt Disney World website. If you can’t afford anything other than the value, then go for that! But if you can afford to throw a little more cash into your vacation, I think you should stay at a moderate.


One of my favorite moderates is the Coronado Springs Resort. Some people won’t share this opinion, mostly because of the resorts size. The Coronado is absolutely huge, so plan on lots of walking. Especially if you flew in and will be taking advantage of the bus system. If driving, it isn’t so bad because you’ll be able to park fairly close to your room.


One of the things I love about the Coronado is the theming. It has a Mexican theme with Spanish architecture throughout the resort. I absolutely love the lobby and registration area. There’s a special energy that can be felt at Walt Disney World, and the Coronado Springs Resort is no exception. But at the same time, there’s a really nice calmness.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, there’s Maya Grill, Pepper Market, and Cafe Rix. All are great options, for many different reasons.

The Coronado Springs resort offers a very impressive looking pool. The Dig Site features a five-story Mayan pyramid complete with water slide. It’s so much fun, but maybe you need something a little more subdued. In that case, there are three additional quite pools situated around the resort.


The Coronado rooms are also very nice. One thing that I appreciate about the Coronado is that they come with queen beds. Most moderate resorts are going to come with two standard beds or one king bed. You’ll have to make a request for the king bed, but as you may know, you can ask, but that doesn’t guarantee a special request. For me, I prefer a queen bed, and it’s nice to know that I won’t have to worry about possibly getting a bed that’s smaller.

The Coronado rooms aren’t over the top like some Disney rooms can be. But I’m okay with that. The Coronado won’t slap you in the face with Disney, but if you look closely, you’ll find many hidden Mickeys and little Disney touches. And one thing I love about the Coronado is that it’s very quiet. It’s a convention resort, so many of the guests are there for business purposes. So when I’m dog tired from a long day in the parks, I don’t have to worry about a bunch of teeny boppers running everywhere, screaming at the top of their lungs.


I have two tips that can help you out at the Coronado Springs Resort. They could also be helpful at just about any Disney resort. First, if you are celebrating something special during your Disney vacation, be sure to ask for your buttons. Disney offers buttons that let others know you are celebrating a birthday or engagement. Maybe it’s your first time at Walt Disney World. No matter what’s special about this vacation, get your buttons! And don’t be afraid to let the cast members know that you are celebrating! You never know what magical moments may happen.

My second tip is for those who drive to Disney. When you pull into your parking lot area, you’ll have to scan your Magic Band at the gate to get in, much like you would to open your room door. Unless you’re a really good contortionist, go ahead and do yourself a favor and take that Magic Band off to do your scanning. If you’ve ever “been there done that,” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

So take my advice and give the Coronado Springs resort a try, at least once. You may not like it, but you may love it! And if you don’t try it, you’ll never know.