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By Fantasmic Diva

Looking for a healthy dose of snarky magic to add to your week? Stop what you are doing and listen to the DisAfterDark podcast! Their iTunes description reads: “Yet another Disney and Orlando podcast, but this one may contain childish adult language and is aimed at an immature mature audience.” In short, three snarky British gentlemen named Paul, Paul and Nick- with the occasional guest- run the podcast, and they are hysterical. While these three love Disney with all of their hearts, they add a dash of adult humor to their discussion of all things Disney. They open each podcast by welcoming their listeners to the Mouse’s Head and announce what they are drinking that week and how it connects to the Disney parks. The Mouse’s Head is the name of the bar location where they hold their pub style discussion of goings on in the world of Disney.

There are several sections to each podcast; when it is just Nick and the Pauls, they start with what they are drinking, move on to a View of the News, which is their name for what’s new with Disney, both in all of the parks and the new films etc. They then move on to Nick’s Soapdish, where Nick rants about something in the world of Disney that is annoying him that week; it generally refers to something that will make more money for Disney as a company. My personal favorite sections are the question sections, where they answer questions about themselves that people have tweeted to them or emailed in. There are two parts to this: The Question of the Day where the guys answer general questions, and the Dumb A$$Question of the Day, where they answer a question that they have either heard in their travels to the park or that has been asked them by a listener. The person who asks the question is never identified, mostly because whoever it is, is made fun of mercilessly. They often answer questions such as “How do the fast passes work?” or “Do I need a reservation to dine at Victoria and Albert’s?”

So if you are looking to add some spice to your Disney loving life, check them out on iTunes! The most you will loose is an hour of your life since it’s free. So what are you waiting for? Grab your podcasting device of choice and tune in to this magically funny podcast.