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Author: Canadian Diva
Leave your pretension at home! All Star Sports resort at Walt Disney World is LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, and FUN, FUN FUN! It’s also a budget friendly way to make your money stretch farther while visiting Walt Disney World.

All Star Sports is part of the trinity of Disney’s All Star Value Resorts. The resort is a massive motel-like complex featuring enormous sports memorabilia. Which is great for families and sports lovers! Even if you are not a sports-fanatic, you will be over the moon in awe with the larger than life Sports architecture.

This resort is separated into different sections featuring a variety of popular sports, (Sorry fellow Canucks, no Hockey).

On our trip we stayed in the TENNIS section.
Walk around the resort, and you will see monstrous basketball hoops, a gigantic football helmet, massive scoreboards and tons of picture opportunities of Popular Disney Figures getting their GAME ON! Right beside our room there were child size figures of Donald Duck’s little Ducklings playing tennis – just adorable!

While the iconic sports architecture is enormous – the standard rooms, well, let’s just say they don’t measure up to the gigantic sports feeling outside. They are small!

I would say they are great for a family of 2 adults and 2 small children or one teenager. But if you’re just planning to use the room as a place to sleep and soak up as many minutes of the Disney parks as you can, especially if you’re working on a budget, then this resort is for you.
The bathroom is a standard hotel-size, but, in true Disney fashion, extremely clean.
The decor of our room left the room feeling a bit dark, but the bed was a welcome sight each day as we collapsed after traipsing “around the world”!

SWIM: The pools are large and my daughter really loved swimming here. However if your children are used to going to a lot of waterparks, they might not be impressed, as there are no fancy slides. There are fun activities daily at the pool which will surely make your children enjoy their time. Its a great place to cool off and relax during the day and in the evening. There are multiple lifeguards on duty at each pool making it easier for you to relax and know your children are safe.

SLAM DUNK: The rooms and the rest of the Resort is SUPER CLEAN! The service is FANtastic! I was surprised by how friendly and accommodating the service at this Value Resort was. The staff was always helpful, any questions I had, they answered. They even went above and beyond which I did not expect at a budget resort!

STRIKE: The front entrance is a bit chaotic, with mass crowds checking in and out. Plus there is no place to really sit while one member of your team is checking in or out. The complex is very large and can be confusing, however the Cast Members do try their best to help you get your way around.

I have read and heard of people complaining of the noise, especially if your room is close to the middle pool area. We did not have issues with the noise since our room was located near the back of the Resort.
The laundry room, however, was a nightmare. It was very clean but very crowded, especially at night and a couple of machines broke down during our stay . DIVA TIP: If I had to do laundry again at this resort, I would choose to do it mid-day when it would be less crowded.

Parking, just steps away from our room.
In the Background: All Star Music Resort

SCORE: If you are driving into WDW or renting a car (like Canadian Diva’s family did), get a room near the back of the complex. It was great to be located so close to our car, especially for Extra Magic Hours. In the morning we just step out to start our day. And at night, when we were so exhausted, it felt good to get out of our car and be steps from a bed to sleep.

However, if you’re planning to use Disney transportation, do realize that the further back your room is in the resort the further you are away from the place to “refill” your mugs and, of course, you’re extremely far away from the bus stops. This is the primary reason to pay for the “room upgrade”… less walking.
Waits for busses can get long, as the resort “shares” park buses with the other two All-Star resorts. This is not as much of a hassle in the day as it is in the evening. Expect to be packed in like sardines and pretty much everyone will be grumpy.

“The End Zone” is All Star Sports only dining on property, and is essentially a cafeteria. It is very loud and often very noisy. I did enjoy getting up very early in the morning, heading over to “THE END ZONE” right before they were heating up the Mickey Waffles and then ordering breakfast to bring to our room while the rest of my family was getting ready for the Extra Magic Hours. It has standard cafeteria style food and a refrigerator with yogurt, a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and fresh fruit. There is also a nice assortment of bagels, buns and muffins in the snack sections. The refillable resort mugs also allow you to get soda or coffee anytime during the day or night, which is good since caffeine is almost mandatory to surviving a Walt Disney World vacation!

Over-all assessment? HOME RUN: If you are on a budget and just needing a place to lay your head while you enjoy Walt Disney World, All Star Sports is a good choice. The Disney Diva swears that of all the Value Resorts (and she has stayed at all of them) Pop Century is actually the best choice, as it does not share buses with another resort and is better situated on property. However, if you’ve been offered a good deal at this resort, take it! I would also say All Star Sports is great if you will have a car on your vacation, since this resort is farther from most of the WDW parks, resulting in more time on a crowded bus. We enjoyed our time here and wouldn’t mind staying again if we are on a tight budget.

Hooray for Disney Magic! – from the Canadian Diva!