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Disney’s All Star Music Resort Review
By Savvy Diva

Disney’s All Star Music Resort is a vibrant and fun place to experience. With larger-than-life music inspired props, you feel like you’re in a brightly colored cartoon.

There are five different themed buildings; Calypso, Jazz Inn, Rock Inn, Country Fair, and the Broadway Hotel. The rooms come with two double beds or a king bed, and they are the only All-Star value resort to offer a family suite that sleeps six.

The resort also has a giant guitar-shaped swimming pool with a separate shallow kid’s pool, and a piano shaped pool further back in the resort grounds.

Like the other All-Star Value Resorts, the resort has playground, laundry facilities, an arcade, food court, and gift shop for guests to enjoy as well.  

Staying at Disney’s All Star Music Resort was quite the experience.

Can I be both for and against a resort at the same time? The budget-crunching, adventurous, pixie diva in me loved it, but the posh, princess, diva in me did not approve.

1. This is one of the least expensive Disney resorts. I’ve seen room specials for as low as $65 per night.
2. It is very family orientated.
3. The rooms are nice, clean, cool, and quiet.
4. Free Disney bus transportation to the parks and Downtown Disney.
5. Disney soaps and shampoo in the room (always a plus for me!).
6. Large flat-screen TV and a mini-fridge in the room.
7. Activities by the pool including movies and a dance party.
1. There are children everywhere. I’m pretty sure the entire bottom floor of my building was taken over by a tour group of teenagers. Outside was noisy at all hours.

2. Be prepared for a lot of walking. You can upgrade your room to a preferred room which is up front by the main building, which I would highly recommend because the majority of the buildings require a hike for food or buses. After a long day in the parks, it can seem to take forever to get to your room. The buildings are three-story and there’s only an elevator in the middle, with stairs on the ends.

3. Speaking of taking forever; to get to the parks you need to either drive yourself or take the Disney buses. Disney buses took about 20-30 minutes to arrive at the pick-up spot, and then another 45 minutes to get to the Magic Kingdom . If the bus also stops at the other All Star resorts, you’re looking at an hour and a half bus ride to or from the park. This also means that they are ALWAYS extremely crowded. So coming home may cause you quite a bit of frustration. After Downtown Disney closed, we waited an hour in line just to get on the bus to go back to the resort.

4. The beds are very average. They were not horrible, but they were far from comfy. The bed spread and blanket were scratchy and the pillows were not squishy.

5. The pools do not have slides and they are not shaded. Wear lots of sunscreen!

Savvy Diva’s final say: This is an affordable place to crash if you have to stay Disney, and the kids are going to love it. If you spend the majority of your vacation time outside the room and you don’t mind the extra travel time, this resort is for you!