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by Disney Magic Diva

Disney Parks Theme Park Edition Monopoly: Who Wants to Own A Castle?With trips to the Disney Parks looking different or maybe being canceled completely, Mouseketeers around the world are finding new ways to express their passion for the Mouse.  And with many families spending more time at home, family game nights are more popular than ever.  We recently played Disney Parks Theme Park Edition Monopoly, and while it wasn’t the same as walking down Main Street, U.S.A., it did provide for a night of laughter and spark many conversations about memories of our trips. And best of all – you can own a castle!

The first thing you’ll notice about Disney Parks Theme Park Edition Monopoly is the 3D pop-up castle in the middle of the board.  It’s impressive and really sets the mood for a Disney-themed game! The WOW! factor you’d expect from Disney. But it does provide a challenge in actually playing the game.  It’s almost impossible to reach around the board with the majestic castle in the middle.  But it’s such a fun addition, it’s hard to complain.  What’s Disney without a castle, after all?

The game pieces, as you might expect, are representative of iconic Disney symbols.  You can choose to be an ear-hat, a box of popcorn, Cinderella’s glass slipper, Cruella de Vil’s car, or even the dog with keys in his mouth from Pirates of the Caribbean.  I really liked that the game doesn’t limit itself to just the parks – you can also choose a Disney cruise ship as your game piece!

Diva Tip:  My granddaughter’s favorite game piece wasn’t technically a game piece at all! In addition to the pop-up castle, there’s a miniature Partners Statue which is intended to be placed in the middle of the board.  Because what’s the Castle without the Partners Statue, right?  My granddaughter likes to confiscate this piece to use as her game piece. Not sure I can blame her!

The board, other than the pop-up castle in the middle, is essentially the same as the traditional Monopoly game board.  The properties, of course, are named after Disney attractions.  The value of each property increases as you make your way around the board, just like you’d expect.  Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue, the lowest priced properties on a traditional Monopoly board, are Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and Dumbo the Flying Elephant on the Disney board. Needless to say, there may be a lively debate among players about the names and values of each property.  Property values increase as you move around the board, culminating with Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella Castle instead of Park Place and Boardwalk.

Disney Parks Theme Park Edition Monopoly: Who Wants to Own A Castle?

Castles and Toonhouses

We loved that the Disney board uses Disney transportation options instead of the railroad properties.  There’s the Monorail, Train, Boats, and Skyliner. Electric Company and Water Works are reimagined to Electric Water Pageant and World of Color. Community Chest and Chance cards are renamed to “Magic” or “Fantasy” cards.  You might draw a Magic card that says “Relax in a private cabana on Castaway Cay, collect $50” or “Rocket breaks you out! Get out of jail free!” Not all of the cards are exactly “magical” though.  One said “You angered the Gods celebrating. Pay $50.” A favorite Fantasy card in our game was “It’s everyone’s Unbirthday!  Pay each player $50”

We were also impressed with how inclusive and up-to-date the game is.  As noted above, there’s a nod to Disney Cruises in the game pieces and also in Magic cards. Properties reflect attractions at BOTH Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.  Rise of the Resistance is a property.  The Skyliner is a transportation option. It was fun to see these recent additions as part of the game.

As you acquire properties, you naturally want to build on them so the rent you collect from your fellow players can increase. As you know, in Monopoly you build houses, and eventually hotels. But in Disney Parks Theme Park Edition Monopoly you build “toonhouses” and eventually upgrade to a castle! Likewise, the currency has a Disney twist.  Instead of “dollars,” you play for “wishes.” Each “wish” bill has Disney characters printed on it.  (FYI – Mickey is on the 100 Wishes bill!)

We had a lot of fun and created magical memories we continue to talk about playing Disney Parks Theme Park Edition Monopoly.  We bought ours from when they were having a 20% off sale.  As of the date of this writing, it’s now sold out there.  But I hope it returns soon because when I checked on Amazon it was about $100! It’s suggested for 2-6 players ages 8 and up.

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