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by Disney Magic Diva

Disney at Home: Making Magic in Your Own CastleWe all love the thought of spending time in a Disney Park.  It’s magical, right?  Sometimes, though, all the pixie dust in the world just isn’t quite enough to get you there.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some magic in your own castle!  Here’s 10 easy ways to create some Disney magic at home!

Nothing gets you more in the Disney spirit than donning some Mickey (or Minnie!) ears!  So why wait to go to a park to wear them?! And to create even more magic, why not create your very own, custom-designed ears?  JollyFrogger Diva tells you how, here.

Now that you’re in the Disney-state-of-mind, why not play a rousing game of Disney charades?  Just have everyone in the family jot down some of their favorite Disney characters, movies, attractions, songs – whatever.  Then toss all those clues in an earhat, souvenir popcorn bucket, or the empty pant-shaped “sink” of a Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae, and you’ll be ready for a fun-filled night of Disney charades

Disney at Home: Making Magic in Your Own CastleDon’t want to bother with a DIY game?  No problem!  There are dozens of board games with a Disney theme!  Check Amazon and you’ll find Disney Monopoly,  Disney Candyland, and Moana Sorry. There are Disney-themed trivia games, Star Wars Clue, and Toy Story Kerplunk.  Feeling like a scallywag?  Try Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship. We’ve really enjoyed Disney Codenames.

Want to enjoy an outdoor activity?  Play Mickey bean-bag toss!  You’ll need a couple of small and one larger hula hoop. Arrange the hoops in the shape of a Mickey head, then toss the beanbags to score points.  If you don’t have beanbags, improvise!  Try small stones, pieces of sidewalk chalk or chunks of playdough.Disney at Home: Making Magic in Your Own Castle

Another fun outdoor (or maybe even indoor) activity is Disney Bowling.  This is a great option because you can engage those crafty skills to make the game, then enjoy playing.  You can make bowling pins from empty toilet paper tubes, empty water bottles, empty cans or even 2-liter soda bottles.  Then just set them up and challenge the family to a robust game!

For those who are aspiring Imagineers, try making a cardboard castle.  A friend of mine has done this with her family and let me tell you – their result was truly extraordinary! Large moving boxes and duct tape work best, but a true Imagineer can be creative and use any available materials to create the perfect castle.

Disney at Home: Making Magic in Your Own Castle

Cardboard Castle

Naturally a truly magical castle would include access to Disney+.  There is so much content available, you’ll certainly find something your family can enjoy.  And if it’s a little overwhelming or you need some suggestions for something new, check out Wishes Diva’s Top 10 Picks

When we’re looking for new ideas of Disney activities, we always check out Pinterest.  The Disney Junior Pinterest board  is a wonderful place to find activities for your preschooler.  It was a life-saver when my grandson wanted to hold a Disney Preschool Playdate for his classmates.  Whether you’re a fan of Vampirina, Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Lion King, Fancy Nancy, Bluey, Muppets, or Puppy Dog Pals you’ll find it online.  Color sheets, mazes, games, crafts – everything you need to keep kids busy!

If you can’t be at Disney, the next best thing is probably planning your Disney trip!  If you’re lucky enough to have a trip planned, make a countdown chain or some other craft to help check off the days until you walk right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A. We’ve got some great suggestions for you here.

And finally, for those who don’t have a trip planned, maybe now is the time to think about it!  It’s easier than you think when you use a travel pro like Patricia at All for Dreams Travel.  She can answer any questions you have, make magical suggestions, do as much or as little planning as you like, and help you find something in your budget!  Best of all, her services are FREE!

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