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By: British Diva

I’m very excited as next month will see me making my first ever solo pilgrimage to WDW. In theory packing for just me, instead of my usual family six should be a doddle. That being said – I’m going to try and help both you, dear reader and myself to keep the load light!

This trip I’m flying with Thompson Holidays using their Premium Upgrade Service, my baggage allowance is 23kg of checked bags, plus an extra 7kg of hand luggage in a bag that measures no more than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. I know this sounds a lot, but it’s surprising just how easily you can use it all up by carrying unnecessary paraphernalia.

I have a set of ‘ultra light’ suitcases that weigh next to nothing when empty and despite being made of only fabric with a fibre glass structure they have survived several flights across the pond. So when purchasing new gear be sure to check them out for yourself. Sub Zero G Luggage

Nobody wants to pay an extra fee for excess baggage; so now I would never go abroad without my trusty set of travel scales! This simple, yet vital holiday gadget has saved me the hassle and embarrassment of having to decant my belongings from one bag to another at the airline check-in desk on many occasions.

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Packing essentials.

Most supermarkets these days stock those adorable little travel size bottles of all the essential lotions and potions needed for holiday grooming, but remember if you’re staying on Disney property you won’t need to provide your own – shampoo, shower gel or soap, nor a hairdryer, flannels or towels – so don’t encumber yourself with these unnecessary items that altogether will weigh a ton!

For goodness sake remember that unless you have duel voltage travel hairdryers, hair straighteners, shavers, irons, or kettles they won’t function properly as the USA uses 120v & not 240v like us here in the UK.

A universal travel adapter will be needed if you want to charge up your laptop, camera or mobile phone and so on.

I’m a firm believer that clear Zip Lock bags are the travelers best friend! The first place you may need them is at the airport security check; if you have any 100ml liquid items in your hand luggage – they need to be popped into the bag before being put through the scanning machine.
Zip Lock bags also make brilliant toiletry bags; after all they’re clear – so you can see immediately what’s inside, and they’re leak proof – so no messy spills in your suitcase!

It goes without saying that the Florida sun requires you to protect your skin against burning with a high factor sun screen. I always use a factor 15 with a 5* rating as minimum protection. I’ve also discovered that it’s cheaper to purchase your sun screen whilst in Orlando!

Everyone takes sunglasses on holiday, it’s the rule.

Get a head, wear a hat! I realize that you’ll get terrible hat hair from wearing one, but it really does save your eyes and face from the unrelenting glare of the sun.

The Florida dress code is much like the State itself; totally laid back and casual. I would suggest shorts and tee shirts for day wear, with perhaps a sun dress or a pair of 3/4 trousers and top for dinner. I always pack a light weight cardigan which combats the Arctic like air-conditioning found inside most eateries.

You won’t need to pack any posh frocks, ties and jackets unless you plan on doing some fine dining at Disney’s upmarket restaurant Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian; the only place on property with a formal dress code.

A swim suit and sarong are a handy combination for us gals to pack, as of course are board shorts and rash vests for the chaps!

Another thing worth remembering is that all Disney Resorts have really great coin operated laundry rooms. I confess, I do take time out of my holiday to visit them, but only because I can’t bear to climb the massive washing mountain that we bring home with us if I don’t!

Comfy footwear is essential, without it you will be miserable. Although I don’t wear them at home, at WDW; I’m a trainer (sneakers) devotee! Flip flops are perfect for a visit to the water parks or the pool and can of course be worn as part of your casual evening attire.

Absolutely don’t forget – your passport, ESTA, airline tickets, travel insurance, credit card and currency.

Shopping is often a big part of the holiday; well it is for me….of course you could wait until you get to Orlando to purchase your clothes, sunglasses, hats and footwear! I’ve never been quite brave enough to do this; maybe this trip………..

My Mantra is simple – An empty suitcase on the way out; is a full suitcase on the way home