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This week I’m planning to spend some time talking about PACKING for WDW.

Packing BEFORE the night before your trip is essential. I would suggest at least three day prior just to make sure you’ve got everything. Plus it adds to the anticipation of the trip.

I have already talked to you about how essential it is to bring all your medicines with you. My second tip is to BUY and PACK using SpaceMaker bags.

I bought my SpaceMaker bags from Target and I re-use them every trip. I have some SpaceBags, but I don’t like them NEARLY as much as I like the Space Makers. DO NOT get the kind you have to vacuum out b/c you’ll be in trouble packing to come home. Get the kind that you just push out the air through the vent and it lies flat. It will save you SO much room!!

With so many airlines charging you to check more than one bag this IN PARTICULAR is a VITAL TIP. So try it out!! Not sure it will really save room? Check it out….

Here are all of my clothes I’m packing for this trip. We have a tendency to OVER-PACK and forget that WDW has LAUNDRY FACILITIES at every on-property resort. I would say that just packing three-four outfits is plenty. If you’re flying I’d just plan to wash half way through the week and just pack three outfits!!!

So what you see here is:

~ 4 t-shirts (Disney of course, bought when the Disney store was selling them for about $4.00 per. shirt. I do NOT suggest buying t-shirts IN WDW, you’ll spend a ton.

~ 4 pairs of shorts

~ 6 pairs of socks

~ Superwoman underroos and other such unmentionables 😉

~ 2 hats and a visor

~ Long sleeve t-shirt (for those cold indoor rides)

~ 2 sets of workout clothes (yes I am one of those crazy people who works out at WDW. I mostly do it so I don’t feel guilty if I make a poor food choice later in the day.),>

~Swim Suit & Cover-up

~ Dress for the Luau

~ Flip flops, crocs & tennis shoes

ANNNDDD I got it all in one SpaceMaker bag. Tip: put your socks into your shoes so they don’t take up extra space.

See this?? This is ALL of our clothes in one suitcase. My entire family. My husband, my 6 year old, and my 19 month old daughter.

And we all fit into one suitcase with the SpaceMaker Bags. (this does not include our shoes or hats)

Check it out, it even ZIPS!!! And this isn’t one of those mega huge suitcases even.

So, save yourself some space & potentially even a LARGE chunk of change and invest in some SpaceMaker bags.

You’ll be glad you did.

More packing tips to come!!!