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My feet hurt. No seriously, I am fairly young and when I sit down on the couch and write an extremely long WDW Tips from the Disney Diva post and I stand up again my feet are all crampy and sore. So yeah, I get those aches and pains too. However, some people have aches and pains and things going on with their bodies that could really inhibit them from having a good time at Disney World.

So I thought I’d write up a little post today about what rides you might consider staying away from if you have certain conditions, or at least being aware of the fact it might cause you a little issue.

imageIf you have bad knees – Some rides at WDW are cramped, and some are down LOW which means it’s a bit of a hassle to get out of them. Here’s just a few for you to consider:

Splash Mountain: its not an issue stepping down into the flume when you first get in, it’s the standing WAY up to get out that causes some problems, and its sort of cramped up.

Test Track : Like Splash Mountain you step DOWN into the vehicle then UP when you’re leaving, and if you’re not in the front row your knees get MAJORLY “squinched”

Small World & Pirates: You also step down into these boats, so getting back up could be difficult.

Dumbo/Aladdin Magic Carpet/ Triceratops Twirl – (they’re all basically the EXACT same ride) Your knees WILL be sqinched up on this one and stepping out is usually sort of awkward.

Space Mountain – “squinched” is a major understatement when it comes to Space Mountain, its worst on the front.

Astro Orbiter – DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT if you’ve got bad knees.

Swiss Family Treehouse – lots of climbing on this one, could be bad on your knees if you’re not in good shape.

imageIf you get motion sickness – Folks who have motion sickness might have it worst of all at WDW. Don’t worry you’ll still have plenty to do there though!

Mad Hatters Tea Cups – Please step away from the ride! If you get motion sickness you so cannot do this ride, EVEN if you’re not spinning your individual “cup”.

Big Thunder Mountain – lots up ups and big drops, its kind of “herky jerkey” too. Can mess with your tummy.

Dumbo/Aladdin Magic Carpet/ Triceratops Twirl/ Carousel- All are“Spinny” rides. Good for the kiddies, vertigo for mommy. These are all pre-schooler favorites, so you may have to just close your eyes and ride.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin – If you have a co-rider who likes to spin around a good bit to face items and shoot it can throw you for a loop. Just ask them to not do it, or you take the controls.

Space Mountain – Its in the dark, and it’s a rollercoaster, AND it does NOT have what I call a “smooth” ride. So it can mess with your tummy.

Tomorrowland Speedway – not necessarily a bad ride, but if your kid cant drive it will slam you side to side a good bit. Couple that with the INSANEY bad smell of diesel gas in the cars and you have a recipe for disaster.

imageO Canada – This show in Canada is a 360 degree film. I have never been so nauseated in my life as sitting on the floor trying to watch that film. And its not cause I don’t like Canada!!! it was shot in a helicopter and the walls all covered in film. Its very disorienting.

Test Track – The hairpin turns and some of the other things CAN mess with you, but I’ve personally not found this one to be so bad.

Mission Space – Perhaps the #1 ride to mess people with motion sickness up at WDW. Even on Orange (the less intense) version it can mess with your stomach, so you might give this one a pass a let someone else ride it with the kids.

Rock N Rollercoaster – yeah, don’t even think about this one either.

Toy Story Mania – this is a great ride, but it does whip you around really quick from one thing to another so dependent on your sensitivity it could bother you.

Tower of Terror – Falling faster than the speed of gravity is not the friend of the weak-stomached visitor.

Kilimanjaro Safaris – There is a stretch at the end where your driver goes quite fast on extremely bumpy road. Could mess you up.

Expedition Everest – My poor father-in-law was queasy for the rest of the day after riding this one, he cannot ride “spinny rides” at all and this ride bothered him worse than Dumbo.

Star Tours – Star Tours is a simulator like mission space. Its 4D which means not only are you seeing flying scenes in 3D the floor is ACTUALLY MOVING around you. My hubby who is a rollercoaster junky, got nauseated on the old version of this, we have not been able to ride the new version to be able to tell you how it is.

Dinosaur – tosses you around like a rag-doll. Its very bumpy and if that sort of feeling bothers you then you should avoid it.

Primeval Whirl – Spins you in a similar motion to that of Teacups WHILE letting you fall up and down loops like a roller coaster.

imageIf you are afraid of heights – Don’t worry there are lots of things at WDW for you to do!! But there are a few to avoid.

Monorail – ok this may sound weird, but once the monorail was really full as we were returning to our car and I was having to face outward near the door. I got soooooooo freaked out at how high we were. So if you’re on the monorail, have a seat.

Astro Orbiter- IS HIIIIGGGGHHHHH. Whew, leave this one to the teenagers.

Peter Pan – Almost the whole ride you looking down. And while you’re not up SUPER HIGH for people who are afraid of heights this could through them for a loop.

Dumbo/Aladdin Magic Carpet/ Triceratops Twirl – I know, I know, this has already been on the list three times. I am not a WUSS I just know that this one can get up a little high and freak you out, that’s all I’m saying.

Splash Mountain- There is an “oh my Jesus” fall there at the end and it is HIGH! Just close your eyes when you see the vultures and you’re going up a steep hill.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority – I dunno, its possible I guess. You are way above peoples heads.

Swiss Family Treehouse – You’re climbing upward the whole time it seems like.

Soarin’ – This is all filmed from an actual hang-glider and it is up very very high. My last trip the woman next to me TOLD ME she was terrified of heights (Which is just what EVERYBODY wants to hear, that the stranger next to them is going to have a panic attack in a second), but she seemed to do fine. I will tell you though that if you HAVE to ride it you want to be on the BACK row, not the front. The front one goes up really high, the back one only has you a few feet off the ground.

Mission Space – At the end it tips like you may fall down the cavern. The advantage to this one is that you KNOW you are actually NEVER off the ground at all.

Tower of Terror – Before you drop the first time they open the door and you can see not only all of Hollywood Studios, but Epcot as well. Its very high.

Expedition Everest – Actually the highest you’ll be while at WDW. There’s a moment where you sit there for a few second and you can see other parks from there. Its HIGH!!

Primeval Whirl – I’d avoid this one too if I had a fear of heights.

imageIf you have a bad back or neck

Some rides just jerk you around more often than others. You may want to avoid:

Big Thunder Mountain – Really jerks you in every direction. Up, down, side to side. Very “jerky” ride.

Space Mountain – This ride is just not very smooth, so its harder on those of us with neck/back pain.

Test Track – has some moments where it whips you around.

Rockin Rollercoaster- Multiple twirls, jerks, and drops.

Tower of Terror – you’re moving up and down in a rather abrupt motion. I wouldn’t think this would bother you too much, but its possible.

Kilimanjaro Safaris – Again at the end of the ride you go over some big bumps very quickly.

Dinosaur – the most “jerky” ride at all of Disney World. It really slings you around. I’d stay off of it.

Primeval Whirl – very fast whips and bumps.

Tomorrowland Speedway – again, if you’ve got a non-driver in there with you the rail keeps you slinging from side to side a lot.

Expedition Everest – Diva dad says to avoid it, I’m not so sure.


imageIf you’re pregnant – I’ve done Disney pregnant and it was the opposite of fun. Pretty much get comfy with being the person who makes the fast-pass runs while other people ride the rides. Good news, if a pre-schooler can do it, or watch it, you can too. You can still have a good time, just not going to be as fun as when you go and you’re NOT pregnant.




If you’re in a wheelchair – There are many people that can provide you resources but you might want to look into buying the book Walt Disney World with Disabilities by Stephen Ashley where he goes through each of the rides. There’s also a great fellow blogger out there, Disney on Wheels,  who has many tips for you on Disney in Wheelchairs and you can follow this link to her site: Disney World has made itself VERY ACCESSIBLE for individuals in wheelchairs which is AWESOME!

Ok, well I hope you’ve found this to be helpful in planning your next trip. If you have a question please comment and I’ll do my best to answer, or point you in the right direction of an answer.