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by Pin Trading Diva


May 22 brought about a dazzling new array of excitement at the Disneyland Resort! A lot of things have changed for the 60th Celebration – all the way from new popcorn buckets to 2 nighttime spectaculars.  This article is going to shed some light on just a few of these changes and how the Diamond Celebration is shining around Disneyland!

To start, the parks are filled with blue and silver decorations for the occasion. Striped banners with diamond emblems adorn the light fixtures on Main Street and even the floral Mouse himself has a diamond bowtie! Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is especially sparkling, even at night and all the main characters have come out in the best attire for the celebration.

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If you get a rumbly in your tumbly this season, Disneyland has some special snacks for you. Jolly Holiday and many other participating restaurants have a Diamond Edition Cupcake that is very fancy. Lemon flavored with a strawberry filling topped with champagne infused frosting and chocolate pearls while a white chocolate Diamond sits atop – just dazzling! And don’t forget the classics like popcorn in a limited release popcorn balloon bucket. (They come in red, blue, and purple) Although, you may have to wait in line a while just to get it – some lines average a 35-45 minute wait!

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Some classic rides have received a 60th makeover too. While Peter Pan still remains under refurbishment until July, both the Haunted Mansion and Matterhorn Bobsleds have been redone with some new special effects. There are now 1,000 happy haunts at the Haunted Mansion with the addition or should I say re-addition of the treasured Hatbox Ghost. He originally appeared when the ride first opened and only lasted a few months before being taken out (rumor has it the effects weren’t convincing enough) However after a long wait, Hatbox Ghost fans can rejoice! He is back in the house again completely updated with sharper and more advanced technology. You can watch his head magically disappear on his body and reappear in his hatbox as many times as you want! (Although this special enhancement may only  be seasonal.)

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Harold (a.k.a the abominable snowman) on the Matterhorn Bobsleds rollercoaster has been given a newly renovated home this season as well. While he has been made to appear scarier with those beady red eyes that pierce into your soul, there are now clues and evidence of  tourists’ failed attempts to climb the mountain in search of Harold’s hidden treasure (which we see a glimpse of as well). While the effects have given this ride a “new life” as it is, the bumpy track and generously un-padded seats remain the same, uncomfortably so. And don’t forget to take a picture of you and your family attempting to climb the Matterhorn! Look for a special photo op located near the ride for this adventurous experience!


You had better leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs, because with all the new Diamond Celebration merchandise that’s out you’re going to fill up a few bags! Disney has blinged out almost everything as part of their 60th Anniversary merchandise line. Of course they have the classic ears as well as diamond themed Minnie headband ears. Sparkly sleeved shirts for your little ones,  3D puzzles, and even cell phone cases that light up when your phone rings are available among the plethora of souvenirs. You can also purchase new autograph books, ornaments, photo frames, and magnets – your typical Disney stuff. And don’t forget Disney pins! There are a whole new set of pin sets, bags, and lanyards available to the collectors. Whether you just want an Alex and Ali bracelet for your collection, or a $200 pair of bedazzled ears, Disney’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration collection will have something for everyone!

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The Disney Gallery has a special exhibit just for the 60th Anniversary all about the creation of Disneyland through Walt Disney and his fellow Imagineers called Drawing Disneyland: The Early Years. You see concept art of each land from the minds of John Hench (Tomorrowland), Bill Martin (Fantasyland), Harry Johnson (Main Street U.S.A), Sam McKim (Frontierland), and  Harper Goff (Adventureland). There are also some pretty great behind the scenes photos of Walt immersed in the imagination of Disneyland. For a classic look of the making of Disneyland, this exhibit is right up your alley.

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Let us not forget that Disneyland has revamped their entertainment and brought it up to a whole new level! Along with adding new songs to the classic Dapper Dans, Five and Dime, Laughing Stock Co, and News Boys shows, they have also completely added a new fireworks “Forever”, parade “Paint the Night”, and redone World of Color.

Your eyes will light up as bright as the lights on the floats when you finally see the Paint the Night Electrical Parade. While daytime parades provide a lot of entertainment, there is just something dazzling about the way this new parade shines during the night. The technology of the floats is pretty amazing as well; look out for the Monsters Inc themed float with doors that open to many a character and let’s just say when Tinkerbell ACTUALLY flies it is sure to be magical! This updated spin off of the Main Street Electrical Parade brings new life to this generations Disney side – and is a MUST SEE. Although it may mean you stake a spot for a couple hours to get that chance.

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And if you thought the new parade was going to be great, wait until you see the new Forever Fireworks show! No matter where you stand in the park during this show, you are guaranteed a great view of the fireworks as well as incorporated projections that shine on the Castle, Matterhorn, Small World, and Main Street with the addition of mist screens at Rivers of America. Although standing straight down Main Street  with the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the distance just has a certain memory maker quality to it. Prepare to be completely immersed in those projections, which range from Diamonds sparkling in the night, to Chimney Sweeps and Heffalumps and Woozles. In fact, you may just forget to watch those explosions in the sky because your eyes are too busy on the spectacular show all around you. You may need to watch this show a few times before you’ve fully absorbed what there is to offer, but you are guaranteed to have a new and thrilling experience every time you watch!

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Almost every part of the Disneyland Resort has been updated and shined up for the dazzling 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration! Next time you visit, take the time to try out some new food, take a picture with some of your new Diamond enhanced merchandise, and maybe watch a revamped show or two to celebrate. There are so many new and exciting things going on here that you may need to make a few visits to take it all in! But this shiny new time for Disney is only lasting for 18 months – so take in all the new sights and sounds soon before it sparkles away!