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By Pin Trading Diva

043Leaves are falling, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, and everything is tinted in an orange and brown color scheme – we all know what that means – Fall is here! The season is upon us and Disneyland is in full celebration, making it a special time to be in the park. With pumpkins being scattered around and festivities for Halloween fast approaching, here are just  5 of the many reasons to visit Disneyland during the Fall this year!


  1. Decorations: If you’ve noticed the GIANT Mickey Pumpkin on Main Street, then you are aware that Disney likes to decorate! Main Street is adorned with orange banners and “haunting” window displays for the Fall season this year. One of my favorites is the “Crow Room” (one of the jewelry stores past the Emporium ) that has clutters of the infamous black birds watching guests from the ceiling. It reminds me of a scene from Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and spooks guests when they happen to glance upward! Everywhere you look there is something new to be found for Fall, like countless pumpkins of all shapes and sizes showing their personality literally up and down Main Street. Try counting them all whether you find some above a store front like the Mad Hatter or peeking out a window or two.017


  1. Halloween Tree and Dia De Los Muertos Display: Something that Disneyland, and Disneyland alone has for this season is the Halloween Tree inspired by Ray Bradbury. While it just looks like an innocent little tree in Frontierland during the day time, it is a must see at night. Lights and glowing pumpkins hang from the tree in spirit of the Halloween season and make for great photos. Another classic of Disneyland that couples well with Halloween is the Dia De Los Muertos Display, also in Frontierland. There are  festive statues and decorations of skeletal proportions as well as face painting. You can pose with the statues or let them stand on their own, either way they make for a spooky time at the Disneyland Resort.051
  1. Snacks and Themed Merchandise: New goodies await you this season! You can find pumpkin flavored anything (ok not anything but A LOT ok!) like beignets, Starbucks drinks, cookies, cheesecake, etc. There are the classics decked out for Fall like rice crispy treats covered in orange sprinkles and shaped like a pumpkin and even some beautifully decorated caramel apples for Dia De Los Muertos. My personal favorite on the eyes and the taste buds is the Apple Pie Funnel Cake at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. It’s definitely a dish best shared with friends and family on account of its size – there is plenty to go around! But every bite is delicious! Oh and don’t forget to get the classic popcorn in a special edition Popcorn Bucket like Zero in the Doghouse (it glows in the dark and his nose even lights up!) You’re going to have a hard time choosing which snack you like best! Although it will be fun trying out all the yummies as you go along!


  1. Special Rides: A couple rides are made to spook guests into the season this Fall here at Disneyland. The most popular being Haunted Mansion Holiday where everyone’s favorite skeleton, Jack Skellington, gets into the Halloween and Christmas spirit by bringing the two holidays together in the Haunted Mansion. The sights and smells are enough to invite you in – and be on the lookout for the annual Gingerbread House! It changes every year into a new and frightful delight to keep you coming back for more! And of course if you are a thrill seeker you will go nuts for Ghost Galaxy. This ghostly rendition of Space Mountain leaves you so scared it’s said that Disney has been told each year to make it less and less scary due to frightened guests! But if that’s your thing you’re going to love it!067


  1. Seasonal Tours and Parties: As you can tell Disneyland goes all out for Fall. They love it so much they hold the ever so popular Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party after hours. Kids and adults alike dress up for this ticket only event (see for details) where the park stays up late for trick or treating. You can even buy event only pins for the collectors out there to commemorate the occasion. And any day of the week you can take the Happiest Haunts Tour of the park to truly and officially take in the decorations and rides with a Cast Member – you even get a special pin!


And as always Mickey and his pals take Main Street in costumes themed for the season ready to get their picture with you! Just check out Donald dressed as a pumpkin! There are plenty of other reasons to visit Disneyland this Fall because Disneyland, no matter the season, is always changing things up and trying new things. So if you can’t make it this year, come later! There is never a dull moment at Disneyland and you are bound to experience the magic in every season!


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