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By Dopey Diva

First and foremost, do NOT expect a toddler to smile, be cooperative, or look at the camera for EVERY photo opportunity on your trip. Yes you are at Disney and yes it is magical and fun. The thing is, everyone (adults included) gets grumpy at some point and just doesn’t feel like smiling for a picture. I know you want all of your pictures to look like one big happy family having the time of your lives for your Disney photos, but that is next to impossible with a toddler.

So here are a few Diva tips that might help you get a few great shots.

1. Try to get in lines that do not have long wait times or get a fast pass so you can return and not have to wait in line.
2. Keep some sort of toy or book with you to help keep your toddler occupied while you are waiting in line.
3. Do NOT wait in line if your toddler, or anyone in your group, is hungry. Grab a bite to eat first, then get in line. Hungry = Cranky and little chance of getting a smile.
4. Go at a time when your child is in the best mood. If it’s near their nap time they are probably not going to cooperate for a picture.
5. If your child is afraid of characters do not force them to have their picture taken with them.
6. Not all pictures need to have a smiling child…some of the best pictures are when your child is doing what makes them happy.  

This picture with Buzz and Woody is an example. My son would NOT stop pushing Buzz’s buttons. He was hoping he would make Buzz talk. The photographer snapped a shot even though my son would not look at the camera and it turned out to a be a cute picture.

Remember you are at Disney to have a good time and forcing a toddler to smile for a picture isn’t how you want to spend your vacation. Enjoy the good pictures you are able to get and even the ones that aren’t so great. These memories will last a lifetime!