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By: Nick the Disney Devo

You’re with family or friends. You are lined up to get a photo with your favorite character while members of your group are off on the sideline waiting to photograph the moment.

One person is standing over here with a camera phone, the other over there with a DSLR. Throw in the Disney Photo Pass photographer into the mix, and you have a multi-photo shoot mess!

This happened to us on a trip back in November of 2011 when were getting our pictures taken with Beauty and the Beast at Epcot.

My wife handed her Nikon to our friend, and proceeded to look in that direction. The rest of us didn’t get the memo.

Sadly, this is NOT the only time this has happened on a vacation.

How to avoid this?

Make sure everyone in your group with a camera is in one spot, ideally, around the Photo Pass photographer.

Or have Belle point out to your wife which way to look.

Finally you may come up with a picture where everyone is looking in one direction.

Of course, if you don’t buy the Photo Pass photo, you may not get the shot you are happy with at all!

Soooo, having your party stand around the Photo Pass photographer is a good bet.

You can also ask the photographer or accompanying Cast Member to use your camera.

Because sometimes there is no way to wrangle a Beast into looking the right way!

This originally posted on the Disney Musings Blog, which Nick co-writes with his wife, Barbie.