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By D’land Diva

So…those bubble guns? Squirt water fan bottles? Character costumes? Those are REALLY fun souvenirs on your Disney trip. They also cost a pretty penny and they break and in about ten minutes they are no longer a novelty item. Some souvenirs are just things that you use on your trip ONLY.

Might I suggest a few economical and practical souvenirs that you can find at Disney parks? Souvenirs that you will use when you get home from your trip that won’t break the bank?

1) Sipper Cups. We love having sipper cups for the kids at Disney. We can refill it with water or on super hot days a combination of Gatorade and water. A few months ago we found an entire shelf full of fun Disney character sippers for $5.95. What????? You read that right: $5.95. They are adorable and think of the money you will save on drinks in the park AND you can bring them to soccer games when you get home. Diva Tip: These sippers can be found at the larger merchandise stores in the parks.

2) Tote Bags. For around $6 you can find really fun tote bags at some of the same shops in the park with those gorgeous but totally expensive purses and totes. We use these totes in the parks to hold diapers and snacks- just hang it on the stroller handles. At home, we use these bags to grocery shop or to hold a change of clothes at swimming parties or…the possibilities are endless!

3) A Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirt. Yeah, I am specific in this type of sweatshirt. And DO NOT GET ONE WITH THE YEAR ON IT. I am usually too embarrassed to pull out my 2002 Disney gear in 2013. A zip up sweatshirt allows you to put it over a lot of things easier and allows for more ventilation when necessary. These also have a hood, which can offer your head some protection from the elements. Now, I’m not gonna lie- these are not terribly cheap. They normally run between $40-$50. However, when you add in the fact that you can wear it while dropping the kids off at school or to baseball games or whatever when you get home, it is quite economical and practical.

4) Christmas Ornaments. It may not be Christmas, but Magic Kingdom and Disneyland have stores with Christmas ornaments in them year round. You may fall in love with a $25 ornament, but I assure you, they can be found for $15 or less. This is the gift that keeps on giving because it goes on your tree and you can relive your Disney memories year after year. We like to get the ornaments with the year on them to commemorate our trips! Diva Tip: This is a HUGE tip. Several times, we have noticed some Christmas merchandise going on sale AFTER Christmas. I was able to pick up a beautiful Christmas tree skirt for $25 one year.  Sale at Disney!

5) Pressed Penny Books and Pressed Pennies. For around $10 you can have a fun souvenir that you can actually bring with you on your NEXT Disney trip. Pressed penny machines can be found throughout the park and it can be really fun to search for them and start your collection.

Disney park souvenirs do not have to be expensive! And just in case you forget your souvenir, did you know that you can buy park merchandise ONLINE AT THE DISNEY STORE? Their website can be found here.

And here is one last tip: Some of the stores will have a sale on certain items. Be on the look out.