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Author: Savvy Diva
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Pressing pennies is one of the most affordable souvenirs you can get at WDW. It only costs $.51!

There are many pressed penny machines all around the park and resorts, each offering one to four different designs.

In all, there are currently 74 different pressed penny designs in the Magic Kingdom alone, plus four pressed quarter designs and four pressed dime designs. Some of these designs are only available for a limited time only. You can usually find several machines on Main Street USA, one of which will have a ‘2012’ design.

Pressed pennies are perfect for scrapbooks! You can get one to commemorate the first time you rode a ride, like the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster logo design, at the machine in the Rock Around the Shop in Hollywood Studios. You can get one to celebrate that romantic dinner you had with the Mickey & Eiffel Tower design, in the Souvenirs de France at the Epcot World Showcase.
Tracking down your favorite character may require a bit of luck, or just a bit of research! My favorite website for WDW coin designs is You can print out a list of current designs for any of the parks, water parks, and resorts that show you where they are and what designs they have.

You can also request a list from Guest Services at the parks or at your resort.

Instead of having to fish around in your pocket for the right change, I have found a way to make it easy for you and your family. Grab a couple Mini M&M containers from your local store before you leave. I get mine from Wal-Mart for less than a dollar each. Consume all the delicious candy inside, and you are left with the perfect change holder! For added Disney magic, peel of the wrapper and replace it with an original design of your own! Just trace out the wrapper size on paper and have your kids color away. This is a great way to keep everyone’s stash original. (I also use one of these tubes to store the pressed pennies so they don’t get lost in someone’s pocket.) Stack up your coins alternating two quarters and then a penny, so when you’re at the park, all you have to do is tip out the set and you’re good to go!

Any penny will do, but I suggest using 1982 or prior dated pennies, as these are solid copper. After 1983, they are zinc with a copper coating and this can leave silver streaks in your pressed penny design. “But the old pennies are dirty & grubby”, you say? Drop them in a cup of white vinegar for a few minutes and wipe with a paper towel, and they are shiny again!

Pressing pennies can be a lot of fun for you and your family. It can also help you save money on souvenirs! Your kids will have a blast finding these machines and since they’re in almost every gift shop, it’s a perfect distraction from the more expensive things. So start saving your pennies!